Like everything else in the modern world, business is rapidly changing, and a new generation of leaders has started to filter into it. Millennials, despite having gained an undeserved reputation for not working as hard as their parents or grandparents, are doing incredible things in business. Here are four of the top reasons that Millennials tend to crush it in the world of business.

Adopt to New Technologies

Millennials often end up working in the tech or software industries because they understand these areas supremely well. Unlike previous generations, they have grown up in a world of rapidly changing technology, giving them the ability to easily adopt new gadgets and software. These new technologies include open innovation, which encourages creativity, diversity, and growth. A growing number of millennials has started using open innovation platforms like ideXlab in order to facilitate these initiatives. Not only does this make Millennials great employees, but it also often leads to them leading industries by recognizing and adopting disruptive new technologies.

Understand Social Media

In the area of promotion and marketing, Millennials have the huge advantage of using social media almost continuously. This allows them to market their businesses in ways that other generations simply do not understand as well. With social media rapidly becoming the most important marketing platform, a thorough knowledge of different platforms and of what content results in engagement is a massive business asset. This is because they engage in platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other forums on a consistent basis. They typically know what trends are popular and how those they are connected to are reacting to and interacting with them. Because of this, they are able to market campaigns more naturally and in a way that people will respond to.

Most Educated Generation

No one can deny that higher education plays a huge role in success in the business world. Millennials are thus far the most educated generation in history, with a much higher percentage of young people today holding bachelor’s degrees than in previous generations. This trend, coupled with the fact that many Millennials choose to pursue business education specifically, has made them a powerful force in many industries. Some, like those who get their master’s degree in business administration, are able to start working in and changing the business world from the moment that they graduate.

Use Business to Solve Huge Problems

One of the biggest differences between Millennials and earlier generations is their perception of social issues. Often, the desire to solve large problems plaguing society bleeds over into businesses run or owned by Millennials. Ultimately, this leads to businesses developing reputations as socially conscious institutions, resulting in publicity and public goodwill. By using their businesses, skills and connections to tackle the most pressing issues of the modern world, Millennials have found an innovative new path to business success.

These are just a few of the reasons Millennials are rocking it in the business world, but they are among the most important. The younger generation has already assumed roles in business leadership, and it’s hard to estimate how drastically business could change under their guidance in the coming decades.