The inaugural new moon of the year aligns the sun and moon together on Thursday, January 11th (3:58 am PST) in the constellation of Pūrvāṣāḍhā पूर्वाषाढा (Sag): the Invincible Star. This constellation is ruled by the water goddess, Apah and is goddess Sarasvatī’s birth star.

Besides the life-giving and nurturing qualities of water, this lunar mansion is also associated with the purification of impurities and disease.

The Promise of Victory With This New Moon

The renewal occurring now brings about rejuvenation, which sustains, energizes and encourages growth. This lunation cycle brings with it a promise of a victory to come, when your focus is utilized to align with life sustaining forces. Consider what poisons in your life can be transmuted into healing experiences.

Unraveling Lessons: Post-Mercury Retrograde

The past months have ushered in an unsettling churning, provoking inner shifts and transformations. The lessons danced with since October find punctuation in this new moon, gradually crystallizing as we exit Mercury retrograde’s shadow period mid-month.

Notably, Mercury delicately steps out of the vulnerable Gandanta point, the cosmic junction between water and fire. This subtle transition, akin to navigating the delicate seam between elements, adds depth to our reflections.

As information continues to be gathered during this time of introspection, we’re reminded of the intricate balance required when traversing the space between water and fire – a metaphor for the nuanced dance of emotions and passions. 

Nurturing the Nervous System

Amidst the cosmic dance, there’s a call to tend to the renewal and protection of our nervous system, a rejuvenation and energizing of our vital fluids in order to attain favor and alignment with that unexplainable force which nourishes and encourages a seed to blossom.

Honesty and Responsibility

Just like the winnowing basket, which is used to separate the husk from the grain, this cycle encourages a shedding of unnecessary obstacles in order to bring out the useful portion “inside.” This may relate to people, places, and things. 

Confront where you grip tightly and where you’re avoiding. Take responsibility for what you’re inviting into your life. The legacy you’re looking to leave, the victory you’re seeking, depends perhaps on releasing short term pleasures, which ultimately lead to long term discomfort. Shift your focus towards being patience and in enduring short term discomfort which leads to lasting pleasure.   

This cycle is best utilized in distilling, integrating and stabilizing all that has been moving through these last months. Tend to the evolution of your consciousness, be willing to cleanse and shed that which is distracting you from stepping fully into your authenticity and claiming your seat. 

Source energy is always available to us and a master is one who has the capacity to keep their presence and vibration attuned at at all times with Source. 

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