Who is this giant top hat-wearing, beard-yielding mitzvahd swagger jagger, you ask?

He’s the King of Reggae, that’s who; and on December 3rd Matisyahu found his crown once again at The Troubadour in West Hollywood during his 16th annual Festival of Lights concert tour.

Unleashing The Chameleon

No longer looking his younger self, Matisyahu now dresses loose and shaved. His stature, even from afar, is colossal. Combined with his easy going aura, studded looks, and free-style moves, he’s a spectacle to behold.

If you didn’t bring your glasses, fear not. Matisyahu’s massive vocal range and dynamic song variation keeps ears happy at the party. No matter the tempo, I managed to hear something memorable. Whether it was his high to low range, beat-boxing dominance, or perfectly executed raps, make no mistake, the guy has serious skills.

And while his band kept up wholeheartedly, it was his drummer, Matt Scarano, who took the show to the next level. Scarano’s beats were flawless and resonated with the soul, providing every spectator an evergreen moment of perfect timing.

Millennial Magazine- Matisyahu

copyright @Matisyahu

The tour debuted his new single, “Chameleon”, the first cut from Matisyahu’s anticipated self-titled album scheduled to drop this spring featuring Colombian duo, Salt Cathedral.

The audience age was a solid representation of Yahu’s hit song “Youth”, and energetically flowed with other hits “Jerusalem” and “Happy Hanukkah” to the extent I felt inherent culture through a musical bond. It was powerful, fun and jovial. There were flags and crowd surfs. And for those with the confidence to dance like Matisyahu, they were allowed on stage to stake their claim to the ultimate Hanukkah celebration.

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An Iconic Venue

Millennial Magazine- The Troubadour

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The Troubadour, rife with rock and roll history, played the perfect host to Matisyahu’s intimate performance. Though the venue lacked modernism, screens, and graphics, it made up for it in its quaint size, easy access bars, and colorful, vibrant lighting. Note to management: the bathrooms, in contrast, are in dire need of a remodel!

Matisyahu is one of those performers who knows how to work a crowd. His energy was palpable as he engaged the audience. By the time he reached the final encore, the packed room appeared to be thoroughly entertained.

The Festival of Lights Tour is definitely worth seeing, especially if you’re looking for a little Jewish inspiration or just trying something different that will get your blood pumping. Either way, Matisyahu is sure to give you a great show. Check him out on tour this winter! You won’t regret it.

For more information or to check the tour schedule, please visit his website at www.matisyahuworld.com/.



Venue: 8.0/10

Artist: 8.8/10

Band: 7.1/10

Music: 7.9/10 

Overall experience: 8.2