Investing is a superb way of making money in your spare time. Or, some people will become full-time investors and make a living from buying and selling things. Typically, you tend to think of investments in the form of stocks and shares – sometimes with a sprinkling of real estate in there as well. However, there’s a big world out there of different investments that can generate a lot of money. What’s more, many of these investments can lead to quick profits through buying and selling. Interested? Let’s look at a few intriguing investments to get you started:

Rare Sneakers

Rare sneakers are an incredible investment as they’re in such high demand all the time. Loads of brands have released limited-edition sneakers that are no longer in circulation. Therefore, the only way to get them is to buy them from someone that has them. As a result, you can make lots of money if you buy and sell rare sneakers. With all investments, the trick is buying low and selling high! Also, a huge benefit of rare sneakers is that they always increase in price as the years go by. Why? Because the rarity increases! 

Pokemon Cards

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a surge in Pokemon Card popularity during the pandemic. People started opening cards again, and it’s created the perfect conditions for an investor. You can invest in rare Pokemon Cards or boxes, and sell them for a profit. Many investors have made a fortune by doing this in the last few months as the prices spiked a crazy amount. The trend is calming down slightly, but that’s great news for an investor. Bag some rare cards now, and they could be worth a fortune in a couple of months. At the very least, they will grow in value over the years – some cards were worth a few hundred dollars ten years ago, now they’re worth thousands!

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Sports Memorabilia

Lastly, you should think about buying some sports memorabilia. Ideally, you want items that have been signed by someone or are limited edition. Again, this makes them valuable as they are rare. Signed items are particularly valuable because they’re basically unique. For example, if you have a signed jersey from LeBron James, there won’t be many out there like it. These investments are perhaps most useful in the long run. Why? Because when a sportsperson nears retirement, the chances of getting signed items decreases. Also, they may achieve amazing things over their career, further increasing the value of your product. A brilliant example is a signed tennis ball or another signed piece of memorabilia from Naomi Osaka. For those that don’t know, she’s a young tennis player that’s already won multiple Grand Slam titles. In 20 years, she could well be the greatest player that ever lived. At which point, your signed item is suddenly worth so much more than it is now!

It’s always good to open your mind to different ideas as it helps you see the world of investments from a different perspective. It’s not just about stocks, shares, and houses – there are loads of intriguing opportunities out there!