Escape the Rat Race On A Small Sailing Yacht

Most of us dream of escaping the rat race for somewhere far away, but how many of us will actually take the plunge and leave our 9-5 office jobs? Questions like’ how will I get around safely’, ‘what if I miss my friends and family back home’, and ‘how will I support myself’ come to mind. But, for anyone who’s free-spirited and longing for adventure away from home, we’re here to tell you that it’s definitely worth taking the plunge.

The best way to do it? Traveling by a small sailing yacht that you can sail shorthanded with your partner or a few close friends, without the need for professional crew. This may seem daunting, especially for those who haven’t sailed before, but trust us when we say that it offers the best opportunity for adventure. Here’s why…

Reach remote locations off the beaten track

In October 2017, three friends – Jamie, Juan and Hamilton – set sail for the Caribbean on their Oyster 62 sailing yacht, Uhuru, looking to break free of the 9-5 lifestyle. While Jamie was a seasoned sailor and Juan a self-confessed water baby, office worker Hamilton was a novice. However, he quickly fell in love with his new, adventure-fueled lifestyle on the water. As he puts it, “Traveling to different world destinations opens up opportunities to be immersed in different cultures, to trying new cuisines, to visiting spots never imagined.” Who can argue with that?

While you may think that you could achieve this same sense of fun backpacking around the world, a small sailing yacht enables you to visit places that would be difficult to reach if traveling by bus, plane, or even motor yacht, and means you can move on only when you’re ready to do so.

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“Boating is perhaps the last mode of travel that really allows us to get away from it all and access places and remote islands with greater ease,” writes Hamilton. “I could never have imagined traveling to The Exumas (Bahamas) or The Tobago Cays (The Grenadines) without a sailboat… a plane takes you far but a boat gets you further.” Though the Oyster 62, their preferred mode of transport, is now a heritage Oyster model, she has been replaced by the Oyster 565, a 50ft sailing yacht that’s perfect for such shorthanded sailing adventures. The   of the Oyster 565 allows for partner or family/friends sailing, and is adaptable depending on who you choose as your accomplice/s in escaping the rat race!

A planet-friendly adventure

Sailing is an eco-friendly way to travel the world, producing a far smaller carbon footprint than car, plane or motor yacht. By setting sail on a smaller boat in the 50ft sailing yacht category, you’ll make use of the best renewable source of energy there is – the wind. There are apps available to help you keep track of the tides and trade winds, enabling you to minimize engine use and reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Embracing mindfulness

Sailing is the ultimate escape as it demands attention on the here and now, offering a rare chance to disconnect from the rest of the world. Many people find that they feel calmer almost from the moment they step on board a sailing yacht, so if you’re looking to banish anxiety, you’ve come to the right place! Even carrying out maintenance checks and repairs can be done mindfully, while the dullest of chores can be rewarded with a refreshing jump in the sea.

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Ultimate relaxation spots

It’s not just on the yacht that you’ll feel more relaxed – on a sailboat adventure you’ll encounter stunning natural beauty at every destination, with nothing but the gentle sound of the sea to disturb you. There are incredible sunsets, best enjoyed sitting on a deserted beach with toes in the sand, and nights spent gazing up at the bright stars in a sky devoid of light pollution. For pure peace and quiet, you couldn’t choose a better way to travel than by small sailing yacht.

Making friends for life

If you want to sail around the world but would prefer to do it flanked by seasoned professionals and support technicians, why not take part in a fully-supported sailing event like the Oyster World Rally? This around-the-world rally is organized exclusively for Oyster sailing yacht owners, and offers the opportunity to circumnavigate with a friendly group of like-minded individuals, forming the bond of a lifetime along the way. Oyster’s next World Rally starts in 2021, and applications are open!

At sea, there will always be challenging days, but the warm welcomes you’ll receive from local communities, the close bond you’ll enjoy with your partner or sea-mates, and the incredible adventures you’ll have across the globe will mean you’ll never look back and regret escaping the rat race. What’s stopping you?

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Written by Millennial Staff

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