Most people grow up wanting to be rockstars, but very few people actually get up and make it happen. It might seem impossible, but anything is achievable as long as you put your head to it.

If you’ve finally decided to buy an electric guitar and pursue the life of a rockstar, then you’re one step closer to your dreams than most people get. In this article, we are going to explain step-by-step how you can chase your dream of becoming a rock legend:

Pick a Genre

There are lots of different sub genres of rock, including alternative rock, punk rock, heavy metal, psychedelic, and country-rock. If you want to become a famous rockstar, then you need to pick a genre to specialize in. Don’t select a genre because you think that it will be popular. Instead, choose a genre that you’re genuinely interested in, preferably one that you enjoy listening to in your spare time. Your passion for the genre will be apparent in your music. If you’re just playing it for other people, it will be obvious. Make sure that you follow your heart.

Studying Music

To become a successful rockstar, you need to be a master of the craft. Lots of musicians think that they can become masters by perfecting their control over their instruments, but this isn’t true. You need to study music theory, especially the genre that you’re going to be playing. If you’re not confident about learning about music theory at home, then you can enroll in a course at your local community college or alternatively online. You can also watch tutorials and videos on streaming services like YouTube, that will teach you how to become a better musician.

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In addition to studying music theory, you need to practice your instrument. If you don’t become an expert in the guitar, then you will have difficulty attracting an audience to listen to your performances. You can practice, to begin with by studying and learning easy guitar songs, like Smoke On the Water and Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Not only are both of these songs easy to learn, but they’re legendary rock songs that every rockstar needs to know. As suggested in the previous point, if you’re not comfortable learning alone, then you can always enroll in classes or watch online videos.


Networking with other musicians is very important if you want to become a successful rock musician. Networking and meeting other people in the rock community will help you to forge links that will benefit your career. Through your links in the rock community, you may be able to get booked for performances and shows. In addition, you may meet people to jam with. This may lead to you forming a band, which we will come to later. Try to network with people who’re involved in all types of music, not just rock. This might benefit you if you intend on getting signed.

Your Personality

Every successful and famous rockstar has an eccentric personality and onstage presence, it’s a fact. If you’re going to become a successful rockstar, then you need to create your own. If you’re struggling to do this, then you can always borrow characteristics from other famous rockstars, like Mick Jagger and Ozzy Osbourne. With that said, don’t just imitate them because people will pick up on them. If you’re not a very confident person, then you could consider visiting acting classes and open-mic nights to learn to speak in front of groups of people and express yourself.

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Make sure that you try to be yourself as much as possible, however. If you put on an act all of the time, it will eventually become transparent. People are very good at detecting fraud. When you’re just yourself, people find it very endearing.

Forming a Band

Lots of musicians choose to form bands, which is always a good idea if you’re a rock musician. The benefit of a band is that everybody has their own talents. As an aspiring guitarist, you might not be able to use the drums or might not be able to sing. In a band, somebody will be able to do these things. This means that you’re able to maximize the quality of your performance and showcase each band member’s individual talent. If you’re networking with other aspiring musicians, you shouldn’t find it hard to find a band that’s looking for a guitarist.

With your electric guitar and all of the advice given in this article, you should be able to chase your dreams and become a rockstar. The sooner you start, the quicker you can make your dreams a reality.