How to Know Whether Your VoIP Provider is Reliable?

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According to statistics, every small business that usually switches from traditional systems of communication to VoIP significantly reduces their local costs by almost 40% and save almost 90% on their international calls. This explains why your competitors are doing better than you; they have switched to a more advanced system of communication.

Caution: Not All Providers are Reliable!

This could be the reason why your operation costs are daily increasing despite trying to slash the expenses on a daily bases. You also need to migrate to the new revolution of Voice over Internet Protocol that has become common in our millennial era.

Yes, you may say, you have mobile phones and traditional phone lines that are giving you great service but consider international calls. Of course, you will not remain local if your business has the service and thongs people want. You will soon spread your wings to reach your customers in overseas. What will you do and your phone line can’t work?

That’s why you need a VoIP. If you decide you are going to do the installation today and happen to visit the internet to search for a provider, you will have many. Nevertheless, not all of them are reliable. Some just deliver empty promises rather than quality services.

You need to carry out thorough research and do some referrals from your friends to know the best business VoIP provider. However, the following features can help you get the most reliable provider that will ensure your expectations are met effectively.

Characteristics of a Reliable

  1. Simplified Customer services

A great business VoIP provider will not delay in giving you a solution for an inquiry you made. Any support provider who tells you to hold as they reach the right guy to address your problem may just be a virtual provider who is acting as a middleman between you and the real provider.

  1. Very proactive in monitoring

A reliable provider will be proactive when a problem arises to solve it as quick as possible. They will be checking the network status to ensure you have that conference call and international calls without any delays and hindrances.

  1. They are willing to go an extra mile

Of course, things can go wrong which lead to an important call hanging off. A reliable business VoIP provider will prepare you of all these and avoid making empty promises which will not be delivered. They promise to stick with you even when things fall apart.

  1. Knowledge representatives

You can test this with how long they take to answer your question. Knowledgeable personnel mean quick solutions when an emergency arises. This will give you trust that the provider can give you the solution you need even when things go wrong.

  1. Dedicated experts employees

The team of experts should be gurus in fields that revolve around business VoIP including service delivery, management of the project, and technical issues. These services are most needed by small business and startups.


You have to go for a business VoIP provider who can offer you a package that fully caters for all your business needs. It will not do any harm asking them for a reference to know the kind of services they offer.

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