With everything happening around us, our work-related preferences are changing and we are focusing and willing to work from a safe environment and nothing is as safe as our homes. Covid has disrupted the whole work culture and techniques, it has reshaped and driven us towards new and modern working cultures which were used during these times to keep a business running.

Rethinking the future we can say working from the same place is no longer necessary as with end-to-end security, enhanced team performances, and experiences, and simplified management through easy tools, we can create a successful Taskforce to step towards success. Working remotely through online project management tools has made distance disappear.

Difficult times break everybody even if you hire self-motivated and experienced employees, they all start to feel insecure towards their job. And in those times companies allowed their employees to work remotely with almost the same efficiency. They provided platforms for employees to work flexibly and increased their productivity and changed their subject of stress irrespective of where they are working from.

Stepping in 2021 or ahead we can say that more employees will start working remotely despite going to a full-time office. And therefore company structures will shift towards more hybrid and cloud-based to provide security and a seamless working environment at any place.

Companies provided different systems and tools for employees to work efficiently remotely, but working remotely also brings up some unique challenges like the security of information and communication was at stake. Few tools were used to tackle those challenges without facing any issues.

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Network Tool

While working remotely you connect your devices to public WiFi spots or any nearby preferable networks which are not data encrypted. Therefore, trying out a VPN trial can help you connect with secure internet networks to make sure your device is safe from attackers. Using a VPN provides you with an encrypted network that protects your devices and data in it.

Communication Tool

A major problem during remote working comes when you need to communicate with your team through messaging or video conferences. Using secure communication tools like Slack, Skype, or Twist, etc. can save and protect your conversations with end to end encryption feature. It allows you to share your ideas with your colleagues and build a real-time communication platform so that everything can run smoothly and effectively.

Project Management Tool

Project management is very important because a great working system works with perfect documentation, consolidation, and prioritization of all project tasks. Tools like productboard, ClickUp build a systematic ecosystem where you can track, collaborate, and manage all project tasks in one place for the efficient and smooth running off a firm remotely. These tools are extremely general purpose and very easy to operate.

Time Tracking Tool

Monitoring and real-time commenting on employees during remote working are very crucial. It can track the tasks of teams and calculate the productivity of employees. It ensures the privacy of employees, sets deadlines, and records their working hours. Tools like ezClocker, Toggl, Time Doctor can help companies to track and manage Time and productivity to get better scores on employees and the company. 

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Security Tool

Protecting information is as important as internet connectivity to work remotely. Security tools like Zapier, secure business data stored on laptops and phones. They support and protect you from Cybercrimes no matter where you are. Once you use these, you can browse the net safely, without the worry of risking your data.

Automation Tool

Productivity is the key to a firm’s success, these Automation tools like Stackby, social pilot help in increasing productivity by automating and scheduling tasks and processes which saves you time for other important works. They organize, customize automatically for effective team workflow.

Password Manager Tool

Working remotely with so many tools makes it even easier for hackers to enter your system. A team requires shared access to the same tools, which is why it is not safe to manage your passwords manually therefore password managers are used to safely store every password and also, create new strong passwords if necessary. Tools like Zoho Vault, Dashlane are very useful for these purposes. 

Nowadays, more and more people are shifting towards remote working jobs as you can work according to your time, in your safe and comfortable environment, using these tools the job becomes even more easy and secure. Working remotely for almost the past whole year has made us realize that we can run a firm with a remote team from anywhere around the globe that will help run, support, and grow our business. Therefore, to work as per your wish and time, but competition is increasing and you are expected to perform at the same level as that of any other employee no matter from where you are working. So, Go remote working with these magical tools to outshine yourself.

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