Idaho has consistently been among the top states for population growth in recent years, and according to a study by the University of Idaho, a whopping one in four people now living there are new to the Gem State.

But what’s surprising to many long-time residents isn’t necessarily that more people are moving to Idaho; it’s that the surge in population growth is being led by the younger Millennial generation, with job opportunities in Boise as a leading factor.

Millennial magnet: Idaho’s appeal

A recent American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed Idaho gained 31,572 new residents in 2021 alone, and nearly a third of those newcomers were Millennials. An influx of new and high-paying jobs is undoubtedly contributing to many younger people flocking to Idaho, and the state’s overall job growth is likely to remain strong well into 2025, according to the Idaho Department of Labor’s latest short-term projections. 

What are the best job opportunities in Boise?

Micron Technology, Inc, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, has already announced a multi-billion-dollar expansion to its Boise campus, which is estimated to create 2,000 direct jobs with the company while also adding 15,000 jobs for the Boise area over the next decade. Healthcare and construction are two sectors that should also see robust growth over the next decade, and tourism all throughout Idaho is also on the rise too. 

Why are Millennials moving to Idaho from California?

Another noteworthy factor is that the greater Boise area has also been one of the top choices for Millennials and other residents moving away from coastal cities with a high cost of living, which of course includes just about anywhere in California. And contrary to popular belief, this trend didn’t just start during the pandemic either. In fact, back in 2018—two years before COVID—nearly 80,000 people moved to Idaho, and about 26% of those newcomers came directly from the Golden State seeking job opportunities in Boise. 

What is the Boise Real Estate Market like?

Because of the population growth and also the growing popularity of Idaho in general, home prices are certainly on the rise throughout much of the state, but especially in the Boise area. However, with the median price of an Ada County home still hovering around $500,000, both home prices and the cost of living still feel relatively low for out-of-staters coming from nearly any major coastal city in the U.S. 

What are the diverse housing options in Boise?

What’s also appealing to many of these home buyers taking advantage of the job opportunities in Boise is that the housing options are about as widespread as any other major city. From luxury condos in Boise to a fabulous collection of gated homes in suburban Eagle, Idaho, you’ll find something for nearly any lifestyle or budget, making a move to Idaho even easier for anybody looking for a change of scenery.