Nursing belongs to the nation’s largest healthcare profession, and in the face of national and international growth, the nursing profession is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are opting to become a nurse, you should do your research and see whether or not a nursing career is for you.

Also, there are loads of categories of this profession, including a labor and delivery travel nurse, mental health nurse, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, etc. So, you will want to do your research so that you know what clicks your interest. 

The nursing profession is so much more than just a degree and practice. Here are the essential characteristics that define a good nurse. So, if you are planning to enter the nursing workforce, you might want to check the number of qualities of an excellent nurse that you can identify with.

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1. Care – the Primary Key Indicator

A good nurse is a caring nurse. Some people believe that all nurses entered this profession because caring was their top quality; however, this isn’t necessarily the only characteristic that causes people to become a nurse.

Many potential nurses who signed up for this career did so because they were looking for job security and a career that offered good growth potential. 

But, when speaking of the primary quality of a good nurse that can make all the difference to the potential patients, then caring takes the lead. A caring nurse is a professional nurse who displays a natural tendency to look after their patients and how they feel, as well as how well the nurse herself performs at their job. 

This way, the characteristic of “caring” plays a major role in the success of a nursing career and what tops the qualities of an excellent nurse

2. Being Empathetic

As a nurse, you will have to have empathy, as being empathetic is an essential characteristic of a good nurse. Nurses see thousands of patients throughout their professional careers, which can cause them to become desensitized. 

A good nurse is one who is professional but still remembers how life used to be as a “nonclinical” individual. Of course, you will want to be able to deal with fluids, smells, odors, and deaths. But, despite the tough job and everything that comes with it, a good nurse is capable of showing empathy to each of their patients every day.

The empathy of a good nurse makes them make a good effort to feel and understand what the patient is going through by putting themself in the patient’s shoes. The characteristic of empathy allows nurses to treat patients as human beings and implement a person-centered approach during the treatments while following strict guidelines. 

Patients also feel better when they are treated with empathy. They also make a quicker recovery. 

3. Good Stamina

Nurses have long shifts, which requires them to be on their toes most of the time. One of the most underestimated aspects of a nursing career is the physical demand. Typically, nurses lift at least 1.8 tons of weight within one shift while lifting and adjusting patients. Also, an average nurse walks up to five meals every shift. 

This aspect indicates that a nurse must exhibit strong physical and emotional stamina to perform their role efficiently. 

4. Good Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are critical for most jobs; however, when it comes to nursing, much of the role relies on how effectively things are communicated between the nurse and their patients, other nurses, doctors, families, patients, and other units. 

A nurse has to take several roles in their job, including the role of a supervisor, which is where effective communication comes in. In the absence of the nurse’s ability to convey information correctly, loads of haphazardness can occur, including medical neglect and medical errors.

If the nurse cannot communicate effectively, the patients will feel neglected and mistreated, which will then have an adverse effect on the entire unit. As a potential nurse, you will want to learn, practice, and prioritize effective communication skills. By doing so, you will not only benefit the patient but also provide safe care to the entire hospital unit and your long-term career. 

5. Detail-Oriented

Other qualities of an excellent nurse are being able to pay attention to the many details of those on the team. Nurses routinely multi-task, which is why they carry the immense pressure of receiving orders from healthcare professionals while using their critical judgment and nursing skills to respond professionally while providing the patients with the best-quality care. 

Since nurses are caring for many people simultaneously every day, it can potentially increase their risk of human error. However, the essential good quality of a nurse is that they know that the stakes are high, and while keeping the potential risk factors in mind, nurses know how to pay attention to details. 

So, multi-tasking and being detail-oriented are the essential traits of a good nurse who is determined to be successful in their career. 

Qualities of An Excellent Nurse

Nursing, the largest healthcare profession, flourishes in an ever-changing landscape. Specializations like labor and delivery travel nursing or mental health provide diverse career paths. Exceptional nurses exhibit intrinsic qualities, genuinely caring and connecting empathetically with patients.

Stamina is crucial for enduring long shifts, and effective communication ensures smooth healthcare unit functioning. Detail-oriented multitasking minimizes errors, ensuring high-quality care. Embracing these traits is vital for success, demanding dedication and continuous improvement.

As healthcare evolves, qualities of an excellent nurse play a pivotal role in shaping well-being, underscoring the enduring significance of the profession for personal success and societal impact.