It has never been easier to set up your own business online. Creating a website is easy, as is building your own store. Anything you have to offer, you can start selling online in just a few simple clicks. The problem with it being so easy is that you will probably have plenty of competitors. 

How, then, do you get more people to visit your website over the sites of your competitors? There are a few tactics you can employ, some of which are super easy for anyone to get started with right away. These are tips from the experts on how to drive more traffic to your site and make more sales.

Use Adverts

It may seem glaringly obvious, but it is still definitely worth discussing. Using online ads can seriously help boost your profile. You can drive traffic with Google shopping ads, which is always effective and relatively simple to set up. Think about it, when you’re searching for something you want to purchase, where do you go? Google, of course! So, take a look at their advertisement options and get your product listed on their results pages. It’s the easiest and best way to get to the top of the page, as shopping results are listed first due to their shape and image content.

Search Engine Optimization

Speaking of Google, there is another way of boosting your visibility too, with SEO. Search engine optimization is the name given to the process of pushing websites higher up the organic results on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is done by using a variety of clever tactics, one of which is called creating backlinks.

Effectively, the more sites that link back to your page, the higher Google’s bots rank your site. So, an SEO team will create and place articles on the web for you, creating a strong backlink profile for your site and boosting traffic. This, alongside other SEO tactics, are great ways to boost organic traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. It is therefore highly recommended that you get your business set up on social media right away. Then, start posting and interacting with your followers – the more you interact, the more often your followers will see your posts.

Once you have a small following, start to run competitions, as these are a great way to boost your profile. Ask your followers to like and share your Instagram post, for example, for a chance to win a prize. This means they’ll be sharing your page with all their followers, further boosting your profile.

Email Marketing

An old-school yet still effective method of boosting traffic is a mailing list. Gather your customers’ information when they sign up to your website or make a purchase. Save all their email addresses and send weekly offers and updates about your website. This, believe it or not, is still a great way to drive customers back to your website, boosting both traffic and sales.

Blogging and Bloggers

A big part of the SEO content mentioned earlier is done through blog posting. Articles written about your company will link back to your page, driving traffic and boosting SEO. But, you can do this sort of work to some extent yourself, through blogging. 

Write a blog for your site and update it every few days or weekly. This will create more organic traffic as your site grows bigger. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce yourself and your products to your customer base. However, don’t stop there. Reach out to big blog sites and ask to post on their pages. Better still, ask these bloggers to guest post on your page, driving even more traffic. Blogging can be a very powerful tool.

CRM Software

Finally, consider adding CRM software to your arsenal. This sort of software helps to gather data about everyone who visits your site, how long they stay, and what directed them to you. This data, used properly, is an invaluable resource that allows you to build a complete picture of your customer base. With this data, you can understand more about who you should be targeting, where, and how. CRM can also help automate your marketing emails, social media posts, and more. Additionally, you can reach your customers easily using your existing technical infrastructure by using an SMS-sending API. This type of gateway enables you to communicate with your clients using your communication application network, and this is a great way to connect with them because SMS messages simply can’t be ignored!

Using these tactics will help put you ahead of your competitors when it comes to traffic and sales. Before you know it, your site will be busier than ever before, and you’ll be making plenty of sales. Simple marketing, well-placed ads, and great communication with your customers can all go a long way.