Dessert of the Week: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are Millennial's dessert of the week

Dessert of the Week: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keep it classic with chocolate chip cookies. It’s hard to imagine a world without these sweet treats. However, it wasn’t until the 1930’s that this cookie was accidentally invented by the still famous chocolatiers from Toll House on Route 18 near Whitman, Massachusetts. At the time, the baker ran out of baker’s chocolate while trying to whip up a batch of a popular colonial cookie known as the Chocolate butter drop cookie. The confectioner decided to chop up a block of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate in hopes the chocolate would melt and disperse throughout the cookie dough.

Millennial’s can now enjoy a little taste of history when the sweet tooth strikes.

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Written by Emily Whitaker

I have a passion for living in the moment. As a photographer I capture life the way my heart sees it. Capturing these moments in an authentic and genuine nature is what I strive for. Whether it be the minute details or a broad overview, I try to emphasize the natural beauty and emotional substance of a moment.

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