Seth Brayer: Glass Artist


In his short 37 years, Seth Brayer has pursued and conquered every one of his passions. His post college years as a professional-surfer lead him to underwater film making. His feature film “Scratching the Surface” premiered in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2003 with astounding reviews. His love of scuba diving quickly led to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Discovery Channel where he traveled the world doing under-water videography. Then, almost ten years ago, Seth Brayer discovered glass art and has never looked back.

Focusing primarily on borosilicate glass, his work has been featured in High Times Magazine, Hot Breath, and Counter Culture Magazine. Ranging from original sculpture to jewelry to functional glass art – Seth’s talents with this medium are endless. His pieces are featured and sold in galleries and head shops all over the country.

Seth’s current work is focused on a Japanese theme founded from his study and love of the ancient aesthetics and traditions of eastern culture. In 2015, “Seth B.” will be debuting his first solo show which will feature a variety of unique one off pieces as well as collaborations with other artist.

Divider-3Year born: 1977

Age: 37

City: Santa Barbara, CA

Background: Oceanography

Profession: Glass Artist

Company: Seth Brayer Glass

Connect:  Website

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