If you’re still dreaming of the 90s and want to relive your favorites from that era, you’re in luck. Trends in style, music and entertainment from that exciting decade have made their way back into the mainstream. Revisit these nostalgia throwbacks to remember why they’re getting renewed attention now.

Fashion Cues from 90s Anime

Anime shows were a big hit in the 90s, which meant graphic tees featuring popular characters were hot commodities, particularly Dragon Ball tank tops. The show’s main protagonist, Goku, became a fan favorite who continues to show up in cult classic references to this day. It still inspires wearable prints, like those found at Capsule Corp Clothing, since that 2D animation style translates perfectly into graphic clothing designs.

The Remake of a Popular TV Classic

With the creation of Fuller House, fans of the long-running hit, Full House, can relive the lives of the Tanner family through the stories of the next generation. This means plenty of walk-on cameos that bring back familiar faces from the original series. Even the same sensitivity to family troubles and growing pains remains an important tie that binds the two shows together, which means it’s a must-see TV again for family members of all ages.

Keep a Virtual Pet Again

Technology developed by leaps and bounds in the 90s, but before cell phones were in everybody’s pocket, the Tamagotchi hit the scene. The toy’s maker, Bandai, recently reintroduced the world to their favorite pocket pet, which first came out over 20 years ago. They kept all the same colors and functionality, but the new editions of the egg-shaped toy are half the size of the original. The smartphones haven’t been forgotten, either, now that there’s matching apps for you to get your Tamagotchi fix with, too.

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Return of the Funk in Music

R&B hits dominated the charts in the 90s and changed the remix and sampling game for DJs forever. The smooth vocal harmonies and backbeat funk of R&B groups never left the radio, but the stripped-down tracking and straightforward lyrics gave way to more electronic influences. Now, those same artists are busy releasing new albums to celebrate the anniversaries and the impact of their debuts.

Nostalgia Warms the Soul

Your fond memories of a fun era don’t have to fade with these comebacks from some of the most popular fixtures of the 90s. Pop on a classic episode or album, wear your Goku shirt with pride–and don’t forget to feed your Tamagotchi.