The world of art is very cut-throat. Many artists, with a dream of rising to the top of the creative industry, have tried their luck and gradually drifted in the hallows of “no popularity’’. This does not happen because they lack artistic prowess or creative acumen, but because their work is lackluster, devoid of passion and doesn’t resonate with the deepest sensibilities of the modern man.

It is extremely daunting to define art, but the evolution of it points to some exclusive characteristics. Art is not only visually aesthetic when viewed, but also captivates the mind of the viewer and holds it in its grip. Art speaks the language of passion and augments the most carnal desires of man. Art is not a fleeting affair, rather its message lingers, instilling inspiration with each passing second. If there is one person who has achieved artistic prowess in the modern world, that too effortlessly, it is the one-and-only Marko Stout.

Marko Stout is the undisputed king of the world of art in pop-glamour, where his work sits at the apex of any creative hierarchy. His work strikes a precarious balance between passion, desire, allure, and inspiration. Together these sentiments leave a life-changing impact on the minds of the viewer, making them crave more.

Owing to his remarkable work, he has earned himself an extensive fan-base that ranges from top-notch socialites to celebrities and a fawning army of followers. ‘’I’m very excited for Marko Stout’s Work’’ proclaimed Caitlyn Jenner, the star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The list of celebrity-fans includes the likes of Debra Messing, Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff and much more.

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Early Life and Artistic Inspiration

Like every stellar artist, the past experiences and living conditions of Stout refined his artistic excellence. He was raised in a houseboat at San Franciso Bay, where he was fond of his neighbor- a trained painter who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. The time spent under the influence of an artist left a profound impact on Marko, where soon he realized his own artistic potential. Marko, under the influence of an artist, realized where his passion lied, and soon started to develop his own art pieces. His first works were featured in a gallery owned by his neighbor, and this laid the foundation for future artistic prowess.

Creative Philosophy: Freedom, Desire and Passion

In essence, Marko Stout is a modern artist, well-versed in all novel art techniques, but that’s not all. Every art piece that he makes pays a special ode to a cultural setting, making him a true connoisseur of not only modern desires but legacy references as well. He is the true embodiment of a perfectionist: whether its mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, or metalwork, every canvass is a masterpiece.

His fashion style is also a true representation of his vibrant personality. Marko is not known for conservatism when it comes to flashing his creativity. His debonair style is premised on the age-forgotten rockstar, that boasts elegant black outfits, dashing aviator sunglasses, and a fedora hat on top. His fashion sense has evolved him from a celebrated artist to a cultural icon: a person destined to dominate the pop-glamour scene.

Artistic Success

NYC- the same city that has crushed the dreams of many creative aspirants has endowed Marko Stout with unparalleled recognition. Both his artwork and personality have been a hot topic for popular art-based tabloids, where he is routinely featured in the list of extraordinarily creative individuals.

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Marko is easily one of the most influential artist of the modern era. His most recent exhibition termed as “Erotic Allure Volume 3” presented at the notorious Tribeca Gallery in NYC and stood out as the highlight of the NYC fall 2019 art scene. This event was attended by socialites, celebrities, art journalists and high-profile personnel of the media world, and all they could do was fawn in praise of the unique spectacle presented by Marko. Many people found themselves comparing Marko to the late legend Andy Warhol.

No wonder NYC has a new monarch at the helm of art and creative expression, and his name is Marko Stout.