How Blockchains Can Be Used To Promote Gender Equality

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There have been debates about how the female gender is discriminated against when it comes to important matters. The truth is, women have been left out, especially in political and financial matters. However, the struggle of women pushing towards getting equal rights with men has been a big concern. These debates have advanced, and technology has made things easier.

Today, women’s voices can be heard over the Internet, on social media, and other important platforms. There is a need for women to be treated equally with men and given their rights. Blockchains are now helping to control the flow of data from land records, banking, and other records. In short, blockchain technology is helping to encourage gender equality, and here is how.

Blockchains and Gender Equality

Blockchains have all the authority to transform the world, join people, and the ability to bring equity and equality between the two genders. It has also the ability to facilitate financial addition and ensure economic contribution in a non-discriminative way. This is why there are applied blockchain courses that are helping people to learn how to democratize financial options, participation, and benefits, among other elements that support both genders. These courses are giving everyone the skills they need to increase competency in life. Therefore, blockchains are empowering downgraded women and giving them chances to participate in financial decisions.

The truth is, women have had unequal rights compared to men. They have mostly been excluded in financial systems such that even some banks offer different rates for women compared to those offered to men. Due to various elements like lack of enough education, cultural beliefs, and norms, women are always left out when it comes to proper access to financial services.

Blockchain Bridges the Gap

Blockchain provides new ideas to connect the gap between men and women. They do this to ensure financial services are also available to women irrespective of where they are. Blockchain bridge this gap through the provision of a universal procedure of digitizing all financial transactions across the world. In short, it removes the barriers hindering females from accessing proper services and provides openness.

It Saves Money and Time

Think of the immigrant women who want to send money to their families back at home. Without a proper system, this is almost impossible to achieve. What blockchain does is to make these transfers easy and quick. It also ensures the transactions are affordable for the women such that they can comfortably access them from their phones. With the ability of women to earn and invest, it saves time, energy, and costs.

It Fosters Financial Freedom

The fact that women do not have proper access to financial services only encourages subordination. Consider the fact that a marginalized woman can only depend on a man to make financial decisions. The good thing about blockchain is that it fosters independence, ownership, and total control of the money. Therefore, with blockchain, women too have the power to make their own decisions.


There are many reasons why blockchain is beneficial in promoting gender equality. Women are the backbone of the health and economy over the whole world. Therefore, including them in making financial decisions means a healthier economy, healthier children, and a happy community.

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Written by Marni E. Goldberg

Marni E. Goldberg is a journalist covering the financial market and graduate of Wharton School of Business. She loves cooking, travelling in her spare time, and spending quality time with her family.

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