The science is clear and the reporting is thorough — we’re heading toward inflicting irreversible damage on the climate of the planet. In 2018, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said the world has only 12 years to reverse humanity’s impact on the amount of carbon in our atmosphere that warms our planet. While you could lament that you’d never be able to make a difference on your own because corporations do the most damage to the environment, we are all culpable for our decisions. Luckily, there are many ways to decrease your impact on the environment. Below are five products that improve your carbon footprint.

Bamboo Products

One of the most sustainable resources around is bamboo. Not only is it known for being incredibly strong, but bamboo also lasts a long time. It can be recycled and made into other bamboo products, too. Perhaps the best part of bamboo is that it is versatile. There aren’t just paper products like toilet paper and paper towels made from bamboo trees, you can even find a bamboo pillow and bamboo toothbrushes. These products are better for the environment because they are durable and made from a sustainable plant. When in doubt, choosing a bamboo alternative is good for you and the world.

Smart Appliances

A great way to mitigate your carbon footprint is to invest in smart appliances. Of course, it is definitely an investment, as smart appliances are still more expensive than your average dishwasher or laundry dryer. However, over time, you will save money on water, power, and other resources. Whether you need washers and dryers, a refrigerator, or a smart thermostat, there are plenty of options for more sustainable home appliances.

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The smart thermostat is particularly great because it helps you cut down on the costs to run the heat—one of the biggest culprits of carbon emissions in the home—it will enable you to control the temperature from wherever you are. This means that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort to lower your impact on the amount of carbon pumped into the environment. Smart appliances are much better for the planet than your average appliances.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products

There is also an entire litany of eco-friendly bathroom products available. Natural shampoo is better for your body and the planet. Bamboo toilet paper leaves trees that suck in carbon dioxide to create oxygen alive. A sea sponge loofah is an amazing alternative to traditional sponges and other tools that offer a way to clean your body. These natural sponges contain no harsh chemicals, creating a new addition to your zero-waste skincare routine, while also providing exfoliation that softens and improves blood circulation. 

Sustainable Clothing

You should also pay attention to the sustainability of clothing. While a lot of clothing manufacturers produce unsustainable and unethical clothing, if you pay attention to the brand, materials, and where it was made, it’s entirely possible to only buy sustainable clothing. While brand new sustainable clothing is available, you can also buy second-hand and vintage clothing. Buying used clothing doesn’t add to the production of sometimes unsustainable fashion production. Whether you’re into high fashion or not, pay attention and you will be able to find ethical and sustainable clothes.

Solar Panels

Of course, solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and they don’t have to be ugly. You can buy panels that aren’t noticeable, or you can make your whole roof out of panels. If you live in a sunny place, you just might produce more energy than your household needs. You can even sell some of the energy back to the grid. Investing in solar panels will enable you to use electricity without feeling guilty. Of course, putting in the effort to produce more energy than you need will do a lot for mitigating climate change. That’s why solar panels are a great product to improve your carbon footprint.

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It can feel overwhelming when you think about climate change. It is a problem that all of humanity must work on together. When you make the effort to transition to these sustainable products, you won’t just be doing a good thing for the environment. You will be awarding yourself peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.