The housing market indicates that this is the time to buy a home. Millennials who are looking for their forever home or just one for the foreseeable future can find great deals on a house to accommodate their entrepreneurial plans. When developing a search plan for the best property to meet your startup goals, here are a few ideas.

Make a List

Don’t visit a number of houses and wait for one to grab your attention. It’s easy to fall for a home’s charm without evaluating it for the qualities you need to start a business. Is there suitable office space, and is it somewhat separate from the rest of the house to help you avoid distractions? What about storage for business supplies? If you plan to set up client appointments, is there an appropriate reception or waiting area? Decide what is needed for your business as well as the negotiable qualities that can be dropped or addressed later.

Drive Past Properties

A property can sound great in a housing ad, but you need to ensure the home lives up to its glowing description. For example, do several huge, leafy trees fill a large yard that will require consistent maintenance? Is the neighbor’s house too close for comfort so that the family’s outdoor activities could distract you from working? Will outbuildings need immediate upkeep? Things like this could interfere with your work-from-home plans.

Designate Preferred Properties and Neighborhoods

Check out the neighborhoods where you would like to buy a home. Some sheriff’s offices publish a list of sexual predators by address, not name, to let people know where they are located. You can also sometimes find a list of homes on the market that were formerly drug houses, which you may want to avoid. Drive around the neighborhood for an idea of residents’ lifestyles and the noise level by day and at night.

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Work with a Knowledgeable Realtor

A realtor who is experienced in finding specific properties for millennial needs can introduce you to properties that meet your requirements. Good Realtors will be very up to date with the current Housing Trends, which fluctuate and change all the time. Meaning they will be able to find you the best deal for your budget. Look for the best realtor in the area where you are house hunting to quickly identify available homes that you can visit.

Finding the right home in which to raise a family and start a business is not always easy. But with a few preliminary planning steps, you can focus on the properties that are most likely to meet your needs as a millennial entrepreneur.