In this time of upheaval in the job market, you may be looking for a change of pace in your work life. And if you’re not sure where to go next, why not look at careers that you’ve probably never thought to consider before. They say that inspiration comes when you least expect it, so by thinking outside your usual expectations, you may find exciting careers you never knew you were missing.

Try An Artistic Medium

Fulfilling people’s desire for custom pieces in their homes is an unusual and rewarding path to follow. If a traditional office job leaves you uninspired due to stifling your creative urges, look to turning your creativity into a job you love. A passion for color and design coupled with a talent for glasswork could see you become an artisan glassmaker.

Pest Busting

If you understand the pain of dealing with unwanted animals and enjoy being in various places, then pest control jobs may be for you. You’ll be dealing with anything from removing deceased animals in residential areas to insect infestations of buildings. As the general populace struggles to control pests, you’ll have the satisfaction of swooping in and saving the day. Such jobs are great if you don’t want to feel tied to one area as you’ll find jobs worldwide.


Should a lifetime of formal teaching not appeal, yet you enjoy passing on knowledge, then tutoring is an excellent place to start. Helping students achieve better grades in your specialist subject would be the focus of your services. However, you may choose to offer more specialist services instead, such as SAT prep or a foreign language. Tutoring jobs allow flexibility in your schedule, making it perfect if you have hobbies or side projects that you want to focus on.

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A love of sports and computer gaming combines magnificently for esports athletes to make a living in the world of competitive video gaming. With the field as diverse as real-world sporting events, the options are vast, meaning there’s plenty of scope for newcomers. The best way to break into esports beyond playing at home is to get into your local esports scene. From there, those with enough talent can branch out and work up to the big international scene with the big competitions and money.

Disability Support

Historically people with additional needs were often hidden away from society and forgotten by society. Thankfully attitudes have changed vastly in recent decades, and there is a broader diversity of people living in our communities. Choosing a career helping such people is worthwhile and highly rewarding as you see the difference you make to whole families—roles in this field range from in-home respite, therapy programs, and education support.

Finding an exciting career that isn’t on a traditional career path doesn’t mean trying to think of something completely off the wall. You need to be willing to try something different, which may involve stepping out of your comfort zone. And alternatively, it may also involve learning to make your comfort zone work for you.