Top Romantic Gifts For Her on Valentine’s Day

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Every year, as Valentine’s Day nears, young men are confused about what to give to their lady love. The gift has to be meaningful as well as convey the necessary level of intimacy between the two. This is no easy task.

Whether you know your partner for 3 months or 30 years, a gift must always have an element of surprise. But how do you decide on a gift that does the trick and is also within your budget? Then there are multiple gifts to be presented in a year (from birthday to various anniversaries). 

In this post, we look at top romantic gifts that you can give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get started.  

Rose Bears

Let’s face it. Women love flowers and roses are what makes them ecstatic. However, real flowers wither away with time. Plastic flowers do not convey the required love. So then what can you do?
Think about other things that are perfect gifts for women. You are right. Teddy bears. So what’s better than a teddy bear made of roses? Rose bears are the unbeatable gift options these days. While there is a cost factor involved with rose bear bulk purchase can be considered.

Customized Smartphone Accessories

When it comes to gifting, nothing can beat customized gifts. The best part about these is that with so many online stores coming up in this area, the cost of getting customized gifts made has fallen drastically. 

The feeling that a smartphone accessory with a photo that means something to the two of you evokes cannot be compared with anything else. If you would like to save even more money on a smartphone accessory you could check out the AliExpress coupons and see if anything catches your eye.

Further, she will see that photo every day of her life and it will remind her of the love that you share with each other. 


Something delicate like a ring or a pair of diamond earrings is never a bad gifting option for Valentine’s Day. However, this is best saved for either the first Valentine’s Day that you two spend together or something for the later years.

Obviously, this would be an expensive item so you must keep certain things in mind. Women are very particular about jewelry so it makes sense to take them along when you are shopping for a ring. Further, instead of wondering how do I know her ring size, it is better to make them accompany you to the store.

Funky Clothes

You would be surprised if you looked at all the available options for clothing in the Valentine’s corner. There is this awesome concept of couple clothing which has taken Instagram by the storm. Him and Her night suits are a rage among couples these days.

The best part about clothes is that you get a whole lot of design and color options on various online shopping sites. If you are looking for something specific for Valentine’s Day, check DHgate. Snuggly hoodies which are too large for your partner but which fit you perfectly are another great option as they give her the feeling that you are hugging her. Cozy, right?

Personal Care Electronics

Now, this one’s a little complicated and only for a few people. If your partner is someone who doesn’t believe in Valentine gifting and the idea of jewelry or flowers doesn’t excite her, then you might want to consider gifting her a gift that she can use.

We are referring to actually useful gifts all practical people will appreciate. In this category, personal care electronics like a good quality hair dryer can be very useful. While it may not signal intimacy, it will definitely help her know that you are aware of her lifestyle choices.

Beauty and Body Care Products

Men may be a tad bit lazy about their body but most women spend a considerable time on looking their absolute best. In this, they are aided by beauty and body care products that suit their skin and hair.

Continuing with the line of gift options that are practically useful, we suggest you look up which products she uses by talking to her girl friends and make a beautiful hamper combining some of these. It will not only be helpful for her but she will also remember that you cared enough so as to go the whole hog.

Classic Hand or Office Bag

Her hand or office bag is her best friend. In it, she can find everything she needs – from her wallet to sunscreen to a teeny tiny mirror to tissues when you make her cry. Gifting her a hand or office bag is one of the safest options.

All you need to do in this case is keep your eyes open at all times to check for hints. For instance, you could observe which handbags she generally carries. Also, if you guys are out in a mall, listen to her making observations about various bags on display there. Voila, your gift is sorted.

Valentine’s Day is a big deal when it comes to a couple, especially one which has just started dating or going out with each other. It can be a day where you might end up taking your relationship to the next level by proposing to each other.

Even if you have spent many Valentine’s Days together, it should not prevent you from reigniting the love that you have for each other. A simple and sweet gift can go a long way in making that happen.  

What do you think?

Written by Britt Hysen

Britt Hysen is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of MiLLENNiAL. In response to the branded ad campaigns absorbed by the media platform, Britt launched Kreativ Ctrl, a full-service marketing agency specializing in experiential programming and strategic partnerships.

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