Getting a degree is one of the most important things you can do, for both your professional growth, and your personal development too. After all, when you go to college, you’re not just learning new technical skills, you’re also discovering new techniques for communication, problem-solving, and independent living. As the innovators responsible for the digital transformation of the world, millennials are discovering that it’s never too late to go back to school and unlock new opportunities in different careers. The question for many of this generation is where should they be focusing their attention?

Information Science and Technology

Millennials were the first generation of digital natives to hit the marketplace. Over the years, as these forward-thinking individuals have taken over more executive positions in companies around the world, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of pioneering new ideas to appear for consumers. These days, we’re experimenting with everything from AI, to IoT. Informational sciences, and the world of technology are therefore a natural go-to for many students who want a lucrative way to use their private student loan in order to gain the experience to invest in themself. With the right tech or science degree, you could be the person responsible for the next-generation augmented reality systems that change the medical industry- or the applications that change the way that we communicate with friends and loved ones forever.

Architecture and Buildings

It’s not just apps that millennials are helping to build these days. You might be surprised to discover that architecture is one of the most eye-catching educational opportunities for this landscape. Professionals in this space tend to have a knack for both creativity and numbers – which is great for anyone who likes to use both sides of the brain. In these courses, you’ll address everything from the historical premises of design, to the futuristic strategies that could make tomorrow a better place. It’s forward-thinking architects that are responsible for creating more green and sustainable buildings for the generations of tomorrow. People in this space could reshape the skyline of the biggest cities in the world.

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Automotive and Electronics

Like the IT space, electronics and automotive degrees are another area where millennials are putting their love of the new and innovative to the test. In these classes, you can gain a better understanding of how everyday appliances change the way we live and operate. You can also be responsible for creating some of the amazing electronics that we use. For instance, you might work on a next-generation smart speaker, or self-driving vehicles. Depending on which major you choose to take, you might find that your degree in this space will lead you towards maintaining and designing modern vehicles – or you might just be responsible for some of the smaller, but equally amazing devices that influence our world today. This is an excellent learning opportunity for people who want to have more of a significant impact on the everyday world.