Nowadays earning a living online is still a dream come true, but it is also a reality for more and more. Some use the world wide web to make their entire living and some use it as a way to a side hustle and add to their usual wage. Many use making an income online as a way to take back control of their life and be able to spend more time at home with their family. 

The good news is that the majority of ways you can earn money online aren’t that complicated. Although it does take time for your income to grow, if you hit the ground running there is no reason you couldn’t make a good living from home. Some of the ways to earn a living will require you to stick at it and give it a little time. 

If you’re looking to start earning online but are unsure of how to do this, have a look below at some of the strategies you could consider: 

Online Tasks And Competitions 

Ok, so this one isn’t likely to be enough for you to make a living, however, it could be enough for a side hustle. Looking at sites that require you to complete tasks like playing games, watching videos, or completing surveys are all good ways to make a little bit of a side hustle money. You’re likely to become rich quick, unless the lottery predictions work, of course, but you could make enough to buy your lunch each week. 

Google Adsense

If you have visited any site, then you have probably seen Google ads at some point. These ads seem to be everywhere, this is for a good reason. They are simple to add to any basic website, and they could be rather lucrative if your site gets good traffic. One of the great things about this is it’s so easy to set up, however, bare in mind that you do need to have a website that is up and running and getting traffic. If you have a website already then this is a no-brainer for making a little extra money. 

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Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are still thinking of ideas for a perfect blog or have a website already running, you should also be looking at affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you work with brands and businesses alongside the content on your website. If you talk about a service or product, you then share the link using a unique affiliate code, from this you will make money anytime anyone purchases through your link. It’s always best to stick to affiliates that are related to your website, blog, or Instagram as your followers may get annoyed if it’s not relevant. 


Consulting is another great way you could make money online If you are considered an expert in any field you may find that people are willing to pay you to consult them on their business or personal goals. Whether it’s helping with social media accounts management, or financial advice through to psychological assessments you can do all these online. 

Offer An Online Course 

As well as consulting, you could take it one step further and teach others your skills rather than advice. If you are great at English, cooking, marketing, or even freelance writing, these are just a few of the online courses that people offer online, so, why not be one of them yourself. If you know you are able to offer a great lesson, and it will benefit others, why not turn it into an income? Look at sites such as 

On A Podcast 

Podcasts have become really popular, more people listen to them than ever before, so it would make sense that there is a way for you to make an income from it. Why not host an online podcast alongside a blog and make use of advertisers and sponsors? Some sponsors are willing to pay quite a fee if you have the right listeners for their target market. Bear in mind that there is a lot of people now making podcasts so you will need to have something that people want to listen to. The key is to find something that is a niche and then grows your audience. This isn’t the easiest way to make money online, however, it is certainly possible. 

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Freelance Writing

If you’re creative and have writing skills, it’s possible to be paid to write content for the web. It a very viable source of income. There are many ways you can do this, from creating your own, working for an outreach specialist, to working with certain clients that you build a relationship with. You can do this as a part-time side hustle or quite easily as a full-time career. One of the best ways to make money freelance writing is to figure out your niche, and then network with people who may need your services. Have a look at sites like Upwork and People Per Hour. 


Youtuber is another great platform for people to earn an income online. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there, and there are many different topics. Pretty much any you can think of. If you manage to get a big following you can easily earn some money in exchange for your time and your videos. 

There are many, many ways for you to make money online and the ones covered here are just a few. If you have passion, a little time, and are able to apply your mind, then you may very well be able to build a career that involves you making an income online, or even several if you put enough time into it. 

However, don’t just take our word for it. Have a look online and you will find an abundance of success stories to use for inspiration for your goals. So, why not create your very own success story, and start making yourself some money on the world wide web? 

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