Golf is one of the most competitive sports out there and fairly tricky to get into. Most golf schools and academies will give you some sort of proven curriculum that will boost your game. The question is, do you really need to go to one of these schools, or can you boost your golf game by yourself?

We think you can do it on your own! Here are a few fun tips that will help you improve your skill.

Find a Golf Partner

Golf isn’t a team sport. At least not in the ordinary sense of the term. Most of the time, you’re out there alone working the course. Finding a golfing partner is a great way of making the game more fun and having someone keep you in check.

We are subjective about things we do, whether it’s our swing technique or how we drive. Having someone else nearby to give you honest criticism and tell you what you could do better is the best way to grow as a golfer. If your golfing partner is also a good friend of yours, these golf sessions will also be loads of fun.

Work On your Fundamentals in a Sim

One of the perks of living in this day and age is all the technology that’s being developed. Golf is a sport that attracts some of the most competitive people in the world. They’ll do anything to gain an advantage over their competition. That means maximizing their time behind a club, whether it’s on the field or at home.

Golfing simulators allow you to practice your fundamentals and more advanced skills in the comfort of your home. did a great TruGolf simulator review that shows just how far these sims have come. Granted, rigs such as this one require around 200 square feet of free space, which may pose a challenge for some users. However, there are currently no better ways to work on your golf game at home while having fun.

Join a Local League

They say that competition is the main driving factor behind progress. If you feel that your game is bogged down along with your technique, you could find that much-needed motivation in competition. Just about every golf club in the country runs a league of some kind that members can join.

Sure, this means that you’ll need to become a club member, but the perks outweigh any obligations you’ll be taking on. The good thing about leagues is that they put you in a low-pressure competitive environment. You’ll be forced to work on your golf game, but the pressure won’t crush you.

Run a Friendly Bet

If a league isn’t your thing, you can always simulate the competition by running a bet with your close friends. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean putting your car in the pool or risking your retirement fund. On the contrary, friendly bets don’t even have to be about money. The ones that are most fun usually involve the loser doing something silly.

Just like with the leagues, running a bet with your friends can make the golf game fun, challenging and push you to become better at it in a low-pressure environment.

Add Time as a Factor

Gold isn’t a fast game. The objective isn’t to be the fastest person to run all holes but to score the highest number of points. That being said, adding the time component to a game of golf can be extremely fun. In fact, speed golf exists as a legitimate form of golf, with its own leagues and everything.

The idea behind speed golf is to combine to add a time score to the already familiar point system. Best of all, this is something you can do by yourself. You don’t need anyone to play speed golf with.

Ditch the Golf Cart

Alright, this last one might sound odd, but you should definitely give it a shot. While golf isn’t necessarily a game that is dependent on one’s level of fitness, it still requires you to be in good shape.

By walking from one hole to another, you’ll put your body to work and make each swing count. This is an excellent way of making your game more challenging.

Even though golf is fun to begin with, there are always ways of making it more entertaining. The tips shown above will help you boost your game while having fun. All you need to do is figure out which of the methods works best for you and your play style.