Archery is a very elegant sport. It feels empowering. As you become one with your bow and arrow, you can’t help but feel almost magical, like those many bow wielders from movies, stories, and TV series. It’s just you and your bow against the world. And your equipment truly does make a lot of difference in this sport, so choosing a perfect one that fits you and works with you, does wonder. Of course, no matter how amazingly built your bow is, you need to take proper care of it, for it to serve you a long while. Here are some tips on how to do so!

Avoid Water

This is a tip most of us have heard over and over, but it doesn’t make it less important. The fact is, water and wood don’t go well together. Water will be your bow’s biggest enemy. Exposing wood to water, in any shape, be it liquid, steam, or even ice, might just be the worst thing you could do to it, as humidity in your case can create a moldy environment, that’s hard to get out of and can destroy your bow, and also affect the area around it. Ice affects it differently, but it can still hurt your bow, so it’s important to check in constantly for ice in the winter. Make sure you dry your bow immediately when it comes in contact with water, and don’t put it away while it’s damp in any way. Making sure your bow is properly dry makes it last a lot longer!

Store It Properly

Most of the issues with your bow do happen while you’re in action, but the way you store it has a lot of impact on if your bow will last. You don’t want to just throw it in a corner of a room, as you can do with most other sports equipment, and then take it with you as needed. It should be stored in a proper case, as there’s nothing more important than a bow case when it comes to protecting your bow. The choice of the case is something you ought to think about so it fits the style of your bow perfectly. Make sure both your bow and string are clean before storing them, as dirt can easily build up without you noticing, no matter where you’ve been practicing. And don’t forget to put your case in a cold and dry place, as bows fancy neither heat nor water.

Never Dry Fire

If you’re new to archery, pulling the string and just absentmindedly firing a bow without an arrow, might be something you don’t think much of. But really, it’s a much bigger issue than it might seem. Dry firing, as it’s called in the archery world, is a no-go. It’s really bad for your bow, but it can even be really dangerous. Different kinds of archery injuries that might occur while you’re partaking in the sport, that mainly only happen because of mishandling your equipment, and dry firing is a contribution to those, as it can, in extreme cases, take your eye out. As an archer, you’re most probably aware of this, but be careful when you’re lending the bow to inexperienced people. Always make sure to point out the no dry firing rule to them before handing them your bow, as it’s likely that’s the first thing they’re going to do. If that happens though, inspect the limbs and the riser of your bow carefully, to see if any damage has been done.

Inspect Your Bow

We cannot stress the importance of inspecting your bow both often and thoroughly. Your bow is your best friend, and you should be attuned to its sound and its movement. Whenever you feel a weird sound or feel a vibration that you’ve never felt before, make sure to inspect it as soon as possible. Feel through it, look at the grip to make sure it’s safe and secure, and check the riser and the limbs. If all these parts seem attached properly to you, and there aren’t any visible issues, but you feel something is off, make sure to bring your bow to a professional. This is very important, so you don’t hurt yourself in any way.

Taking care of your bow at times might feel like taking care of your child. It’s truly your best friend, and you need to be gentle with it. But keeping your bow well maintained will ensure it lasts you a long time, and make it so that you can truly become one with it. Keeping these tips in mind will help you do so!