Over the past year, we have all had to become used to a new way of life due to the global pandemic. This includes the wearing of masks in designated places – in fact, some people feel safer wearing their mask all the time when not at home. Of course, wearing masks is important as it is a means of protecting ourselves and other people. However, it can play havoc when it comes to maintaining a beauty routine. Individuals undergoing hormone replacement therapy or those afflicted with things like acne, rosacea, or psoriasis may have been particularly affected.

There are many ways in which wearing masks has made a difference to our appearance and the beauty regime we go through each day. In the past, many people wanted to look immaculate before even setting foot outside the home, but these days, it does not seem as important to many. With masks covering so much of the face, there are many that feel it is a waste of time and money to continue with their usual routine, so they have made changes. In this article, we will look at how mask wearing has affected out beauty routines.

Some of the Changes

There are a few key ways in which wearing masks has resulted in changes to our beauty routines and appearance. Some of these are:

Change in Hairstyles

One of the changes that have taken place is that people tend to do their hair differently when wearing a mask. The good news is that, as our infographic shows below, there are plenty of great hairstyles that you can choose from. These are styles that look great and will give you confidence, but they are also practical, which is vital when you are wearing a mask. From buns and curls to updo styles and twists, there are some great hairstyles to suit all mask wearers.

New Skincare Routine

One of the problems that many people have when wearing masks for long periods is that it affects the ability of the skin to breathe. For some people, it can also lead to blemishes and marks on the skin because they have basically had to cover their face with a tight mask for hours at a time. Naturally, this has made a difference in terms of the skincare routines we have in place. For instance, some people have to use more intensive moisturizer due to dryness in the areas covered by the mask. Others have to spend more time dealing with blemishes.

Less Makeup

One additional change that many have made is to wear less makeup. With half your face covered up with the mask, it can seem pointless to put on as much makeup as you normally would. In addition, wearing makeup and then putting a mask over the top could cause blemishes because the skin cannot breathe as it normally would. There are other reasons why people put on less makeup when wearing a mask for long periods – for instance, to avoid getting lots of makeup on reusable masks.

These are some of the changes that have occurred due to wearing masks for long periods. 

Top 7 Hairstyles When Wearing Masks
Top 7 Hairstyles When Wearing Masks Created By: Tricoci University