Flying is fun. Going through lengthy security lines, dealing with over-zealous customs agents, getting the middle seat on a full flight, or having to endure long layovers or unexpected cancelled flights at crowded airports isn’t nearly as pleasurable. While flying sometimes does cause unexpected surprises, having the right essential travel gear can make all the difference.

For example, trying to get a couple of hours of sleep while cuddled up on a one-person chair at the Atlanta airport because the good vibrating massage chairs have already been taken by other travelers is bound to lead to a rough night. However, if you had packed along your comfy travel pillow, even the most uncomfortable chair could be transformed into a decent resting spot.

For people who spend more time in the sky than on the road, there are certain comforts that are definitely worth having. Without further ado, then, here are the top pieces of travel gear that every frequent flyer needs to have.

Suit Case with Easy Grab Slots for Your Laptop

One of the most annoying things about going through airports is having to go through the metal detector at the security checkpoints. Besides having to take off your shoes and belt, trying to unpack your laptop from your perfectly organized backpack can ruin a perfectly good packing job. No matter how hard you try to put your stuff back in order, once you’ve ruined that initial orders, it will never be quite the same.

To avoid this hassle, consider investing in a suit case or travel bag as a piece of essential travel gear that comes equipped with easy grab slots for your laptop, tablet, or other electronics. This will save you from having to disorganize your bag and help you avoid the ominous stares of impatient travelers as you struggle to pull out your trusty laptop from an overfull bag.

Wireless Ear Muff Headphones as Essential Travel Gear

Instead of trying to block out the sound of a crying baby on a small plane with those cheap headphones that most airlines no make you pay for, consider investing in a quality pair of wireless ear muff headphones. You can use them to calm your nerves with some relaxing classical tunes if you are shaky during takeoff or have them as a piece of essential travel gear to help you concentrate on an urgent piece of work you need to get done during the flight.

Bluetooth Bag Trackers

Almost all frequent flyers have had their bags lost at some time or another. If you can´t seem to fit all your stuff into a carryon bag, and experience has lead you to distrust the competence of the airlines to take care of your bag, consider purchasing a couple pairs of Bluetooth bag trackers. These simple devices give you more control over your own personal belongings and will allow you to know where your bag ends up, even if it isn’t at the same airport you are at.

However, when it comes to using Bluetooth on planes, there are certain rules and regulations that passengers need to follow. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the aircraft’s communication systems. So make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific rules before your flight.

Cargo Hold as an Essential Travel Gear Item

Usually, just before leaving the house, most travelers make a quick mental checklist of the most fundamental items they must not forget. Who cares if you left the toothbrush behind, but your passport, phone, and credit cards—those are indispensable. Instead of filling your pockets with the essentials for travel, a quality cargo hold will allow you to neatly pack in all of the bare necessities into one, efficient organizer. This travel pro website even says that you can find cargo holds that fit into the seat pocket in front of you so you don´t have to be annoyed by a bulky thing in your pocket during a long flight.

City Guides and Maps

Even if you are headed out of town for a one day business meeting, you should always make it a priority to explore a little bit of the place you are visiting. One of the most essential pieces of travel gear, then, are quality maps or guides to the places you are visiting. Gear Patrol recommends Herb Lester City Guides as they offer insight into hidden wonders of a number of cities around Europe, North America and Japan.

A Quality Travel Backpack

The number one rule for frequent flyers is this: If at all possible, avoid checking your luggage. Unless you are heading out of town for more than a week, stick to carryon bags to avoid those unnecessary long waits at baggage carrousels and the inevitable aggravation of having to log a complaint for lost bags that always show up the day before you´re leaving.

There are a number of quality travel backpacks that are small enough to fit into the carryon size requirements while not skimping on volume so that you can easily pack all that you need. For all you need to know about the best travel backpacks on the market today, check out this in-depth product review.

Essential Travel Gear for Easier, Lighter Trips

These pieces of essential travel gear will help take the stress out of travel. Even if you´re stranded at an airport during a massive winter storm, with these basic items you will at least have the essentials close by to make it through a long night.