A trip to the coast is a great way to refresh, recharge, and relax. To make the most of your time near the sea, though, it’s crucial that you upgrade your travel gear to ensure it’s not damaged by the coastal conditions. Otherwise, your trip could end up being a total wash-out. So you can begin planning now, here are some ideas for essential upgrades to make to your travel gear when going to the coast.

Protection from Sand

If there’s one thing the coast has in abundance, it’s sand. This means that you need to take steps to protect your travel gear from sand to avoid damage from this abrasive material. Heavy-duty plastic travel bags can be placed around suitcases and other travel items to provide an extra level of protection against sand. Additionally, you can use towels that easily shake out so that you don’t risk bringing sand back home with you.

Protection from Water

If you’re headed to the coast, you’re sure to encounter lots and lots of water. Therefore, you need to be sure that your travel gear is waterproof to protect the gear itself and what’s inside the gear. Another way you can protect your gear is to use a custom engraved luggage tag to ensure that your name and other personal information don’t become smudged if your luggage tap should happen to get wet.

Protection from Sinking

In most cases, when you spend a day at the beach, you’ll spend some time in the water, as well. If you take anything with you into the water, you want to be sure it floats so you don’t lose it if you lose your grip on it. That’s where individual float straps come in handy. These buoyant straps attach to small items and allow the items to float to the surface if you drop them in the water. This is especially helpful for keys, glasses, wedding rings, and other personal items that can come floating free in the waves.

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Protection from Theft

A day at the beach can be just about perfect. Unless, of course, someone steals your belongings while you’re away from your spot on the beach. To help prevent this, it’s important to upgrade your travel gear with locks that will prevent people from stealing valuable items quickly. You can also invest in towels and other beach gear that have hidden compartments for hiding your belongings.

Time spent on the coast is fulfilling in and of itself. In other words, you don’t necessarily need a lot of accessories to try and make more of your time. The best way to protect your travel gear and other belongings, therefore, is to pack as light as you can so you can leave most items at home. This helps prevent any damage without the need for any upgrades.