New Report Finds Hottest Hoods of New York City


Roomi, the industry leader in the shared housing marketplace, released a research report on the hottest hoods in New York City. Surprisingly, the Bushwick neighborhood in northern Brooklyn ranked as the most popular place to live. Located, on the Queens border, Bushwick boasted 647 applications for 60 apartment listings on Roomi’s site alone.

Manhattan’s Upper West Side — from Morningside Heights to Washington Heights — is the second most desirable neighborhood among millennials followed by Bedford-Stuyvesant, Midtown Manhattan and Williamsburg. The traditionally prestigious and expensive Manhattan hoods remain popular, but Roomi’s data reveals many millennials are eying less expensive, trendy places including Bushwick and Williamsburg, which are an easy subway ride into Manhattan.

Roomi’s report uses company data compiled from April to June to identify the hottest hoods in New York City. Take a look at the findings below. 

Millennial magazine - Hottest-Hoods-in-NYC

Ajay Yadav

Ajay Yadav

Ajay Yadav is the founder and CEO of Roomi- the industry leader in the shared housing marketplace. Yadav is a New Delhi native who studied computer Science at NYIT. In 2013, he developed Roomi after witnessing the obvious need for a tool that not only helps people find housing, but also compatible roommates. Roomi is based in New York City.

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