Having a hard workout can be exhilarating and breathtaking. Unfortunately, you’ll often pay the price the next few days with an overwhelming soreness that feels impossible to break through. Many people want the workout without the soreness, but most of the time, they just settle for taking both at the same time. Instead of struggling with post-workout pain, use this guide to find a way around the soreness that accompanies a hard workout.

Why do I get sore?

Essentially, when you work out too hard, you create tiny tears in the muscles that you were using. If you’re running, for example, you’ll end up with little tears along a number of leg muscles. Your body can repair the tears and eventually get stronger, but while they’re being repaired, you’ll have to deal with the pain from those tiny injuries.

Can I stop the pain?

The pain you feel after a hard workout is generally directly proportional to the severity of the workout. One of the best ways that you can avoid soreness is by pushing yourself too far, too fast. A little bit of soreness is normal, but if you feel like you’re completely unable to even walk around your house, you may need to work up to it more slowly. After all, you don’t want those muscle tears to develop into something more damaging.

However, even if you’re following a great workout regimen, you’ll have to push yourself a little further every time in order to get to your desired strength. By creating those little tears, then healing them before moving into your next workout, you can get stronger and stronger. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being in pain, though! There are a number of things athletes use to keep their pain weak and their workouts strong.

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Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Your muscles’ healing processes are usually just great by themselves, but you can still give them a little bit of a push. By packing antioxidants into your diet, you’ll be able to speed up the healing process of your everyday muscle injuries. There’s also research that indicates they make you feel better overall. Add a smoothie with a healthy amount of berries, like strawberries, blackberries, and goji berries. Try creating a truly stellar lunch with greens like spinach and kale. Throw some nuts, like pecans and walnuts, onto your salad. The possibilities are endless.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, have historically been something that athletes will rely on to control soreness and swelling after workouts. Whether you’re in athletic circles or just talking to the general public, a complaint of pain and swelling may lead some people to suggest over-the-counter NSAIDs, such as naproxen, aspirin, or ibuprofen. Although they can be very helpful for acute episodes of pain, make sure to note how often you’re taking medications. NSAIDs can be very damaging if taken too frequently, and should not be relied on every day.

CBD Workout Supplements

If you’ve been paying attention to new research in athletic circles, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. Whether through CBD oil tincture or CBD capsules, there’s plenty of promising research and anecdotal evidence that posits CBD as an extremely effective workout supplement.

CBD tincture is easy to use, and can help if you’re starting to feel the effects of your workout. All you have to do is rub the infused oil over the sore area. Your muscles should start feeling relaxed almost immediately, leaving you free to continue your daily life without temporary muscle pain from exercise.

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If you’d rather try to stave off soreness before it even arrives, CBD capsules can keep your muscles relaxed throughout difficult workouts. The best CBD oil capsules will ensure that your workout is fun, rather than grueling. To get the best CBD capsules for your workout, use Charlotte’s Web’s natural capsule blends.

Is CBD a good option for me?

If you find yourself working out a lot, probably! You can still pack antioxidants into your diet and look carefully at your workouts to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too far. However, CBD oil tinctures and CBD capsules are a great addition to your workout.