Must-Have Items to Level Up Your Camping Game

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Camping is a favorite hobby of families, friend groups, and individuals across the globe. But the days of roughing it are in the past, and for many millennials, crashing out in a friend’s tent is no longer an option or something we really want to do.

Why not upgrade your camping game and experience nature in style? With the addition of a few simple accessories, you really can have the best of both worlds.

Solar Generator

There’s no shame in unplugging it out in the woods. Some believe that’s the whole point of camping! But not everyone jives with the fully remote wilderness experience, and that’s fine too. A portable solar generator is a perfect accessory for those who want to stay connected while being eco-friendly.

A portable generator allows you to harness the sun’s energy for use on your campsite. You can charge devices, power your camp stove, and blast some tunes with one convenient power source.

Portable Water Filtration

Skip the case of bottled water and opt for a more eco-friendly way to stay hydrated while camping. Today, portable water filtration systems are incredibly accessible and come in various styles.

You can get individual water bottles with built-in filters or even purchase a filtration straw, allowing you to drink from almost any source without a health risk.

Outdoor Shower System

While it is possible to shower too often, this isn’t an issue you’ll encounter on a camping trip. On the contrary, you’ll be itching for the sweet relief of a shower if you don’t bathe during your entire wilderness retreat.

A dip in a river sounds refreshing, but what if that isn’t an option where you are? That’s where a portable outdoor shower can come in handy.

These affordable, user-friendly systems have a shower head that connects to a water source—even a simple bucket! You can easily hang the showerhead on a secluded tree branch and feel refreshed in no time.

LED Headlamp

Shine some light in the dark with a convenient LED headlamp. These powerful lights allow you to hike trails or lounge around a campfire with ample light, totally hand-free.

Sleeping Pad

It’s no secret that good quality sleep is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t sleeping well, there’s a greater chance you’ll experience anxiety and depression, irritability, and reduced ability to focus. These symptoms would undoubtedly put a damper on a camping trip and could even lead to some dangerous circumstances if your attention isn’t on its A-game.

A sleeping pad is an easy, affordable fix. You deserve better rest than a sleeping bag alone can provide. A sleeping pad offers more cushioning, preventing any rocks or sticks from poking into you while you sleep. Lightweight, affordable, and easy to carry, there’s no reason to skip this easy upgrade.


Enjoying the great outdoors should be a refreshing experience. It doesn’t need to leave you aching, smelly, and frustrated by the end of your trip. With a few simple accessory upgrades, you can retreat to the wilderness without sacrificing the perks of modernity.

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Written by Brandon Westhoven

Brandon Westhoven is a technology and gaming guru journalist for MiLLENNiAL. When he’s not writing, you can find him mobbing on the dirt bike track.

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