Indoor plants, also referred to as houseplants have been finding their way into modern-day homes over the past few years. It’s no longer grandma’s favorite pastime, but the coolest way to decorate our living spaces. We’ve seen it explode in popularity when the pandemic hit as people spend significantly more time at home. 

So, is this just another craze like in the case of fidget spinners in 2017, or are we really seeing a dramatic shift to how we incorporate more life into our lifestyle? Personally, as a houseplant owner myself, I believe that the passion is here to stay, even as we crawl out of the pandemic. In this article, we’ll take a look at three reasons why I believe so.

Plants Give A Sense Of Purpose

When our homes became our offices and our favorite hangout spots were suddenly off-limits, many of us felt like our lives were turned upside down. Naturally, there was a lot of confusion and many felt lost as they stumbled through the days. Plants, however, gave us a sense of purpose. Every morning we wake up, figure out which ones to water, aerate, fertilize, and make sure they meet their individual requirements of sunlight. 

For those that are more advanced in their plant-tending careers, buying plants that are finicky adds a new dimension to this hobby, in which owners may need to invest in a dimming light or even automated watering kits to replicate their plant’s native environment.

As we learn more about each plant, we grow with it. When life finally returns to normal our plants will be waiting for us at home, acting as an anchor that will reset our pace in this demanding, fast-paced world we live in. Tending to plants isn’t a trend, but rather, a lifestyle.

The Availability Of A Close-Knit Community

The online house plant community has taken over social media since the pandemic began. Don’t take my word for it. Facebook’s House Plant Hobbyist Group grew by 280,000 members over the past two years. People in the community tend to be welcoming and will help with questions beginners have. Whether it’s general defoliation, discoloration, or pests, someone in the community will offer solutions for distressed newbies.

While some would think that these communities will simmer down when the hype over house plants stagnate, I believe that members of the community will remain engaged with one another. After all, it is a hobby that requires commitment and knowledge-sharing. Once house visits have become a reality for the community, the friendship built on the internet will transcend into the physical world as people will be eager to show off their plant collection in the flesh!

A Stronger Appreciation Towards Nature

Millennials and Gen-Z’s are becoming more nature-conscious. As many were raised in concrete jungles and suburban townships, they lacked the opportunity to freely walk into the woods, inhale that fresh air and enjoy the sounds of nature. During the pandemic, many cities imposed restrictions to how far residents are allowed out of their area of residence with many never leaving the city at all. 

Houseplants form a bridge between them and the greenery they are missing out on. Every once in a while the odd bee will come to pollinate and leave the plant owner feeling some sort of satisfaction knowing they are contributing to nature in their little way. Some houseplant owners love the chic, minimalistic plant arrangement for their bedrooms while others go for that messy, jungle vibes that’s totally in trend right now. 

Either way, houseplants owners are able to express their creativity with the central theme of keeping in touch with nature. And I don’t believe that will go away anytime soon.