Trying to create an Instagrammable indoor jungle? Here’s how to achieve Insta-worthy snaps of the internet’s favorite houseplants – to get everyone double tapping!

One in eight households (12%) in Great Britain has no access to a private or shared garden, so it’s no wonder that we’re turning our attention to houseplants during lockdown. 

With over 282,000 #houseplantlove images tagged on Instagram, indoor plants have increased in popularity and new figures from the RHS show that green-fingered 18-24 year olds are responsible for this. 

We asked apartment rental brand Essential Living, to reveal the Top 10 Most Popular Houseplants on Instagram during lockdown and how you can capture the perfect Instagram snap of your leafy companion. 

Here’s what we found:

Cactus (Cactaceae): #14,427,922

With over 14 million hashtags, Cactus took the top spot as the most influential plant on Instagram. Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, but we love them for their unique, decorative way to add life to a living space, whether it’s a boho bedroom or a basic bookshelf. 

How to care: Hot, bright sunlight, moist soil (not wet!)

Photography Tip: When capturing that perfect plant shot, it’s all about natural lighting – try placing your cactus or other indoor plant close to a window and always avoid using a build in camera flash. Using natural lighting will help highlight all the unique details and colours of your plant. 

Aloe Plant (Aloe Vera) – #3,373,965

The humble Aloe Plant had over 3 million Instagram hashtag results, making it the second most popular houseplant on Instagram. It’s low-maintenance properties make the aloe plant a desirable feature in homes around the world, and it’s sharp detailed leaves are totally Instagram-snap worthy!

How to care: Indirect sunlight, well drained.

Photography Tip: Capturing an image with a variety of different shaped plants is the key to an insta-worthy shot, try pairing together plants of different sizes and shapes. From cacti to leafy plants, different styles can add life to the image, if you don’t have a variety lying around introduce more props such as placemats and candles. 

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) – #382,722

The bird of paradise Instagram popularity probably has something to do with it’s unusual flowers that resemble brightly colored birds in flight. Under the right conditions the plant can blossom into something truly extraordinary and become a perfect feature in a minimal room. 

How to care: Moist soil (not wet), sunlight, warmth.

Photography Tip: Add extra life to your photo by creating a mist effect on your plant. Use a spray bottle filled with water to create a moist droplet look. And it’s also great for the plant, so win win! 

Peacock Plant (Calathea Sanderiana) – #289,034

With its contrasting green and purplish-red leaves it’s no wonder that the Peacock Plant found itself on the top 10 most popular houseplant on Instagram list. And although the plant does take more care than the typical indoor plant, the results are totally worth it! 

How to care: Moist soil, high humidity.

Photography Tip: To grow them insta-likes, try switching out your basic plastic plant pots for something more aesthetically pleasing. Find something that matches and compliments your interior decor, why not try a rustic pot for a more boho vibe? The unique design of the peacock plant means both a basic or contrasting pot will compliment the plant perfectly! 

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) – #272,215

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the most popular houseplants on Instagram, the variation in growth has made this plant beloved amongst plant lovers. The plant has the capabilities to be extremely versatile, it can stand tall or short making it the perfect feature in a large room to make an instant impact or add a pop of color to a small room. 

How to care: Indirect bright light, Moist, hot.

Photography Tip: Sometimes less is more when it comes to photography, when capturing the Fiddle leaf fig image try placing it as the main focal point of the room, showing the impact the plant can create. 

Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata) – #201,658

Recognized for its swordlike leaves with vibrant yellow edges, this plant has attracted some significant attention on instagram. Snake plant has become increasingly popular in modern and contemporary home decor, and you’ll find this plant a stylish natural feature to a minimalist space. 

How to care: Indirect sunlight, soil with good drainage. 

Photography Tip: Experiment with a variety of different camera angles, try taking the shot close up, far away, from above or direct in front. You can even try stacking your plant on top of other props such as books, to create layers and impact! 

String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus) – #121,716

The delicate String of Pearls is one of the most sought after plants on Instagram, its hanging bead format makes it incredibly photogenic and a unique green element to add life to a basic shelf or wall – it’s also super easy to look after, making it a great first plant. 

How to care:Trim away dead stems pearls, let soil dry out. 

Photography Tip: Hanging plants such as the String of Pearls are great for adding drama to a shot, try incorporating them dangling from a shelf, or hanging from a window sill – this creates an instant effortless overgrown jungle vibe! 

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – #107,786

A long-time favorite amongst the green-thumb community this indoor beauty is now a popular plant amongst Instagrammers. The adaptable and low-maintenance house plant has captured the hearts of thousands with its bold leaves and beautiful flowers, making it a great feature to bring the outside indoors. 

How to care: Consistent moisture, humid climate. 

Photography Tip: Incorporate nature materials and props when capturing your plant imagery. Use materials that enforce the nature theme, for example wooden shelves, woven placemats and rustic photo frames. 

Prayer Plant (Maranta Leuconeura) – #98,381

The unique detailing of the indoor Prayer plant is the reason for its Instagram popularity, its boldly patterned purple and green leaves makes it stand out from the rest. The bold foliage makes this plant ideal for window sills, mantels and shelves that need a touch of life adding to them. 

How to care: Indirect sunlight, humid environment, moist soil. 

Photography Tip: Finally presentation is key to the perfect insta shot, clear up any browning leaves, weeds and have a dust/sweep around the plant. You don’t want your fellow green fingered friends thinking you’re a bad plant parent. 

String of Hearts (Ceropegia) – #80,077

The String of Hearts is one the most recognizable houseplants on Instagram, known best for its unique love heart shaped leaves. This detailed tailing plant is the perfect feature in a basic room, just place on a shelf and watch the leaves grow! 

How to care: Bright light, dry soil. 

Photography Tip: Maybe there is an element within the plant that you would like to highlight, for example the string of hearts has beautifully shaped heart leaves. Don’t be afraid of focusing on that smaller element within the imagery – this can have a big impact.