When people think of a lawyer, they can be intimidated by the generic version of them.

A suited and serious person with an expensive bill attached to their services. However, this need not be the case. Lawyers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and demeanors.

If you have been a part of an accident, then you will need to start thinking about your lawyer options. They can provide so much value and insight into your case but if you don’t know when you need one, you will struggle. You should seek the best in your area. The best injury lawyer in Lexington is not hard to come by. Here are a few examples of how an injury lawyer can help you after an accident.


When you get into an accident, the adrenaline and action of the situation can make you forget the details. Sometimes the situation is happening so fast that you may not even know the details. Most insurance providers will try their utmost to avoid paying any compensation. As such they require a lot of information before they will even begin processing your claim. Your lawyer will be able to begin sourcing all of the evidence for you and examine it without bias. This will help push your case further.


If you go straight to your insurer, then they may offer you a small amount of money straight away for you to end the case quickly. If you are not skilled at negotiation, then your lawyer can act as your representative and demand compensation for you on your behalf. Many lawyers operate on a win fee that is based on a percentage of your compensation. This lets you know that they are acting in your favor over the interest of the compensation companies.

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Disputing Liability

It is down to your lawyer to present your case if the incident goes to trial or needs arbitration. They will need to present the evidence to prove that it was not our fault. They can provide witness testimonies and photos of the incident including the conditions of the road. If there is no way to fully disprove liability, then they may begin to negotiate an out-of-court settlement.

Handling the paperwork

If you have been injured in an accident, then there is a significant amount of paperwork. You need the documentation from your injury and the amount that your medical bills have come to. Sometimes it can be too much to handle for one person if they are unaccustomed to it. When you have a lawyer handling your case, you can rest easy so that you will not forget an important detail or step when processing your case. Lawyers know all of the details that you will need.

Hiring a lawyer

After you have been involved in an accident then it may be worth hiring a lawyer. It can be incredibly helpful to your case to have a professional behind you. Whilst it may mean giving up some of your compensation, it can help you win your case.