Breaking the smoking habit is one of the hardest addictions to quit. But once you have made the first step in ending your usage of these highly harmful vices, you can transition to the world of vape products to assist you in being successful in beating a nicotine addiction

When deciding on the ideal vape to use, there are multiple options, including vape bars, vape pens, disposables, or compact pods. Although finding the perfect device may take some time, the market is reasonably extensive. 

What are Vapes?

Vapes are electronic devices that allow you to inhale nicotine in an aerosol or vapor form, as opposed to smoke. This is done by heating an e-liquid solution within the device, typically containing propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, different flavorings, and nicotine. 

E-liquids used in vape devices come in various nicotine strengths, giving you more control over the amount of nicotine you need to sufficiently help with cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, including irritability and depression. 

Although nicotine is highly addictive, it is relatively harmless and has been used safely for years to help people stop smoking. 

Break the Routines

For many smokers, the routines and rituals of smoking can be more complicated to give up than cigarettes themselves. By switching to vape devices, you are given more time to gradually let go of these rituals while immediately reducing the severe health risks of cigarettes. 

Smoking of any kind can be harmful, and you will only experience the full benefits of vaping once you stop smoking completely. Making the switch is relatively easy for some, while others may still find themselves turning back to cigarettes occasionally. 

Vaping vs Smoking

A cigarette contains thousands of harmful chemicals and components that are released when burned. Most are poisonous, and up to 70 elements are known to cause cancer. Additionally, they cause other serious illnesses, including lung disease, heart disease, and stroke. 

However, many of the most harmful chemicals found in tobacco and tobacco smoke, including tar and carbon monoxide, are not present in vaping e-liquids or vape aerosol. By making the switch to vape, you are instantly eliminating these toxic additions from your life. 

Tips for Making the Switch

Making the switch from cigarettes is a complex but necessary step in your journey to overcoming nicotine addiction. Ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal will make the change more manageable, giving you a better chance of success. 

Picking the Right Kit

To get the best advice when choosing the right vape kit for your needs, visit a specialist vape shop or your local stop-smoking service, where you can get more information about the proper device and strength of nicotine you will need. 

It may take some time to find the suitable combination that works most effectively, so be sure to stick with it and continue asking the necessary questions to stay informed. For many, using a vape bar, pod device, or vape pen will be the best choice, as they are fairly discreet, make small clouds, and can provide a high dose of nicotine. 

When choosing the appropriate e-liquid, you need to have a nicotine strength that matches your cigarette use. This will aid in reducing your withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  

Use as You Need

When breaking your smoking habit, you will have plenty of cravings and strong urges to return to smoking. Use your vape as much as needed to manage your cravings and any withdrawal symptoms you suffer. 

In the beginning, you may find yourself vaping more than you previously smoked. But as you lower the nicotine strength and your cravings become more manageable, you will be able to reduce your usage until you no longer need it. 

Incorporate Nicotine Patches

Use nicotine patches alongside vape for ongoing support, as the patches slowly release nicotine over time. A vape can be used to deal with immediate cravings, while patches can supplement smaller, more frequent doses. 

This can be beneficial at the beginning of your switch while you are still adjusting to using a vape device. Additionally, they can be used to reduce your reliance on a vape as you start to reduce your usage. 

Build a Support System

When breaking a habit of any kind, it is crucial to build a supportive network around yourself who can offer the necessary support and advice during the more difficult days of your journey. It is worthwhile including people in your life who have made the switch from smoking to vapes. 

They can offer helpful advice about the initial change, any information or knowledge they wish they had known before starting, and any additional tips to make your journey easier. Furthermore, they will understand your struggles and success far better than non-smokers. 

Safety Advice

It is vital to keep all vape devices and e-liquid products out of reach of children and pets, as nicotine can be poisonous if swallowed. You should always use the appropriate charger to suit your device of choice and never leave your vape charging unattended or overnight, as it could become a fire hazard.