Fortnite and PUBG are the most popular first-person shooters ever to be made, by far. But the question remains – Which one is better? Asking this question will yield a wide variety of impassioned arguments depending on who you ask. Regardless of the fanbase, there are objective aspects that can be analyzed by unbiased critics. Though those opinions won’t resonate well with the proponents of one or the other.

Nonetheless, new players may be interested in getting involved and they can benefit from an overview of the different features and characteristics unique to each game by comparing them together on several major criteria. These criteria include graphics, gameplay, AI, and control.

The truth is that these games are both popular because they are both so good. And because each one is suited to different people with different tastes. So have a look at this definitive guide to the Pros and Cons of each game to find out which one is right for you, your friends, and your family.


There are a lot of differences between the look of the two games and some of that has consequences for the gameplay. They are contrasted by both graphic style and skin design. They really couldn’t be more different from a certain perspective.

The first thing most people notice is the general style of the two games’ appearances. PUBG goes with a conventional style that attempts to appear realistic. The graphics go for a photo-realistic approach. Visit this site if you want to give it a try. While PUBG isn’t known for its wonky aesthetic, it provides a more realistic look that provides an immersive experience that some players prefer.

On the other hand, Fortnite is more outlandish in appearance. Its graphics go the cartoon/animation route that gives it a more light-hearted feel. Instead of sticking to realistic renderings and concepts, Fortnite explores the imagination and can get down-right silly sometimes.

The skins also follow this pattern in that they are contrasted based on these same factors. PUBG uses realistic guns that exist in real life and the technology is plausible most of the time. Fortnite goes the other route and borders on fantasy or cartoon-themed. This extends into the gameplay as this willingness to break the rules opens the door to many new weapons and opportunities for craziness. At the end of the day, the graphics of both games are critically acclaimed.


Both of these games use the battle royale game format. It’s free. The player is dropped onto a remote terrain with 99 other players in a race to be the last person standing. That means to kill or be killed and that sums up the motivations of both games. As soon as the competitor lands they must rush into the nearest buildings and scavenge for weapons and supplies.

While the intention is simple, the way that the two games go about it is very different. PUBG once again prefers to stick to the realistic approach. This means that there are a lot more conventional strategies and tactics employed. Players can lay prone and crawl around. They must rely on traditional forms of cover and none of the weapons are outlandish or put into the game for silliness sake. It’s the serious older sibling of the two games.

In contrast, Fortnite offers the very popular and unique feature of in-game structure building. Fortnite players can use materials that they find as they scour the land to make ad hoc buildings and bastions to use to their advantage. This means that players can create cover where they stand instead of being in the circumstance where they must dash to the nearest building or house.

The building system found in Fortnite is not realistic but it frees the player from the conventional FPS-style gameplay. While it opens up a lot of creative possibilities, it tends to drive the game towards a rush in and hack and slash. On the other hand, PUBG requires more traditional tactical methods that people are more comfortable with.


Previously, only PUBG had bots. Bots opened up a lot of new features that made PUBG more playable. Especially when you first get started. Extremely highly-competitive games like FPS battle royale games can be deterring to new players. Such a high level of skill presented by human players bars entry into the game by more casual players. Bots level out the playing field and make it less likely that players get destroyed a millisecond after spawning.

After a few years of play, Fortnite also eventually added bots to the game. Much for the same reason. Newer players can get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the controls and run around for a few moments looking for around and learning how to build before being sniped by an expert gamer with thousands of hours logged on the game. Developers need their games to be playable by new contestants(customers). Without the constant influx of new players, the game will stagnate and die in just a short time.

While the decision to introduce bots into the games wasn’t very popular amongst the gaming community at large, it helped to create the big picture that will keep the game alive for those same players to enjoy.

Pay To Play?

Both PUBG and Fortnite are free to play. All purchasable equipment is purely cosmetic and doesn’t offer any competitive advantage at all. Both games monetize their content by selling skins and other auxiliary advantages.

Fortnite takes the cake in this regard as its open approach to realism allows the developers to go wild. This adds a new level of fun and motivation to keep playing that helps drive the popularity of the game. Players enjoy unlocking and obtaining new skins through purchases. While at first players don’t typically make purchases, they will if they keep playing. Because everyone else gets to deck their avatars out in craziness while they are stuck with the stock look. Customization is the name of the game for long-term players.

Fortnite introduced the battle pass system for a long time already. The battle pass allows you to get better rewards for successes in battles and allows players to earn seasonally available skins and content. PUBG also recently added this feature as well to further monetize their game while providing new and interesting content.

One Man’s Trash

The truth is that together these two games have changed the face of first-person shooters forever. They will both go down in history as the greatest games of the early 21st century. They are similar enough that they both offer the same kind of enjoyment that comes with battle royale shooters while differentiating themselves enough to stand miles apart. Any statement regarding an absolute victor isn’t possible as they’re the greatest rivals.