If cooking isn’t your forte, you aren’t alone. In fact, 21% of millennials don’t know how to cook a fried egg. Here are some of the basic steps that you can take to improve your culinary skills.

Take a Class

Many community colleges and community centers offer cooking classes. You can learn the basics of cooking under the supervision of an instructor. This is one way to expand your cooking repertoire and gain more confidence in your abilities. You may be more inclined to learn things on your own terms. There are online cooking shows that you can watch in order to gain some insight. You may be able to practice preparing these recipes along with the show.

If taking a class sounds intimidating, don’t worry. There are online alternatives. For example, Gordon Ramsay does a MasterClass series online where he takes you step-by-step through different types of meals and cooking techniques. There are also tons of YouTube videos out there that are intended for instructional use. If you pay close attention to both Gordon Ramsay’s and the YouTubers’ videos, you should be able to get the gist of how to cook. Don’t expect to be a pro all at once, though. Little by little, you will become more confident in your culinary skills.

Gather the Essentials

The right ingredients make a difference when it comes to your meals. This means that you want to gather your supplies before you start to prepare the food. Plan things out ahead of time so that you can purchase the right ingredients at the store. There are food delivery companies that can help you with this task. Many of these ingredients also include the recipe cards to get you through the process. Another thing to consider is the type of cookware that you use. Look into a company, like Weston Table, that can help you get access to high-quality saucepans and other kitchen necessities.

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Read Online

There are any number of blogs that exist to help you through your cooking trials. Many of these blogs will give you some hints and tricks of how to prepare the perfect meals. If you’re unsure about what something means on the recipe, you can research it online. Many older recipes books will use terms that aren’t relevant. This can leave you feeling frustrated about your cooking skills. Demystify the cooking process by using the internet to help you.

Practice Makes Perfect

You may have heard the old adage that practice makes perfect. Another one that’s common is that you should try and try again. Don’t give up just because you’re first attempt didn’t turn out right. Cooking is a skill that you can master. You don’t have to be able to prepare gourmet meals. Sometimes the most unattractive food is actually the best tasting. Don’t give up just because you don’t think that you’ll ever be any good. Keep going so that you can improve upon your skillset.

Culinary Skills Will Improve Your Wellness

There are options available if you want to improve upon your culinary skills. Use these suggestions to get you on the way to becoming a better chef.