The Advantages of Hiring New Employees With Less Experience

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To many people, hiring someone with less experience sounds like a foolish idea. After all, you want people with skills and experience to work for you so that your business can grow, so why take a gamble on someone that hasn’t proven themselves in the industry?

Well, let’s face it, even the most experienced applicants could be lazy and unproductive when put under pressure.

In fact, there’s a stigma against potential recruits that don’t have experience because they’re seen as risky investments. While they might have the qualifications and skills to work in your business, it’s understandable if you assume that they might crumble under pressure or be unable to apply their skills to a real business situation. However, that’s usually not the case and in this article, we’re going to offer a couple of advantages to hiring new employees with less experience.

Most managers and recruiters admit they’ve hired the wrong person for a job

Thanks to the accumulation of data that leads to statistics, it’s estimated that around 74% of all managers and recruiters will say that they’ve hired the wrong person for a job at some point. In addition, 75% of the need for a new employee often comes from people leaving their workplace. These statistics are what drive data-driven recruitment, a method of recruiting that uses technologies, techniques and data to analyze talent pools and identify potential candidates.

While this is a fantastic method of acquiring experienced workers that are worth their salt, it’s still quite expensive and there are ways to take advantage of employees with less experience by giving them a chance to show what they’re capable of.

Fresh employees can turn into ideal team members

Since a fresh employee with little experience is essentially a blank slate, it gives you the opportunity to shape them into the ideal employee that is perfect for your business. You can teach them new skills, mentor them on how to do their jobs and also cultivate a team of employees that are hardworking, focused and loyal to the company. This is far different from hiring someone that is already experienced in the industry and has worked with similar companies or teams before.

Fresh employees do not get involved in office politics

As time goes on, your employees will start to develop relationships with other employees that will ultimately lead to office politics. This could be departments disliking each other or certain managers and employees being seen in a bad light by others. With a fresh employee with less experience, they’re less likely to be tainted by negative office politics and will focus on their work instead of their working relationships. Hiring a team of fresh new employees is also a good opportunity to break up office politics or even use them to your advantage instead of allowing it to create a toxic workplace.

Fresh employees have better technical skills

Fresh employees tend to be more adaptable given their improved technical skills. Since the use of technology and computers are far more common nowadays, new graduates and workers with less experience are likely to possess an aptitude for computer-based work processes. Whether it’s getting used to smartphones, tablet devices or fixing their own laptop problems, new employees and fresh graduates are a fantastic choice purely because they likely have excellent technical skills–they just need an opportunity to use them.

Fresh employees cost less to hire than experienced ones

Let’s face it, hiring a skilled employee is going to cost a lot of money compared to a fresh graduate or someone with no experience. Experienced workers are going to demand a higher salary based purely on their experience alone, whereas inexperienced recruits don’t have the credentials to ask for higher pay. Unfortunately, some companies abuse internships by exploiting inexperienced employees. This can land you in serious trouble and drags down your company culture, so make sure that you’re paying interns and lesser-experienced staff members the salary they deserve and they will still be cheaper than experienced recruits.

Fresh employees offer a unique perspective

Another advantage is that fresh employees offer a company a unique perspective on how to run their business. They may have gone through lessons or internships that will teach them some of the industry standards in how a business operates, but their lack of experience can help them solve problems, create solutions and develop new ideas without preconceived notions of how your company should be working. This could be the unique and interesting talent that you need to grow your business to new heights.

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Written by Britt Hysen

Britt Hysen is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of MiLLENNiAL. In response to the branded ad campaigns absorbed by the media platform, Britt launched Kreativ Ctrl, a full-service marketing agency specializing in experiential programming and strategic partnerships.

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