Ever wonder how Chris Staples, Olivia Jordan, Teyana Taylor, or Dwayne Johnson got so fit? When you see their trim, chiseled, and fit physique on the big screen, you can’t help but wonder… what’s their secret?

If you’ve got a favorite celebrity, athlete, or personal trainer that are your ideal body goals, finding out how they mastered it is a lot easier than you might think. Simply hop onto social media to learn more.

Being Fit is In

It goes without saying, but being in shape and healthy are in. There has never been more weight loss programs, workout routines, detox teas, and fitness apparel on the market than there is now. With the average person becoming increasingly interested in being the best version of themselves, celebrities and famous influencers alike have been capitalizing on this opportunity.

Using their influence and platforms to reach the masses, more of the rich and famous have taken to the web to show “average Joes” like yourself just how it’s done. Here’s where you can find them: 


Social media has become a huge platform for celebs, athletes, and personal trainers to flex their muscles and throw out a few pointers. If you want to find out what your favorite celeb, athlete or influencer does on a regular basis to keep their body looking great, Instagram is a great place to start.

A few things to check out on Instagram include:

  • Workout Videos – Many famous people have gotten into working out and want to share their secrets with the world. You can check out their personalized channels for quick clips of them doing reps in the gym, or you can check out accounts like the Overdrive Channel where you can find clips of the likes of Ally Courtnall, Chris Reid, Lisa Dillon, and more breaking a sweat and flexing their muscles.
  • Before and After Photos – Have you noticed how some of your favorite celebrities seem to be transforming overnight? One minute, they’re average and/or overweight, and the next they’re in shape and hotter than ever. Many have gotten into the trend of sharing their journeys with diet and weight loss through intimate posts and before and after photos. You can check some of those out for inspiration.
  • Promotion of Health-Conscious Products/Services – Another reason celebs utilize Instagram is to promote products or services that they believe will help you get in shape. You can see the Kardashians working out in their favorite waist trainers or drinking some flat tummy tea to get fit. You’ll find some celebs advocating for certain meal plans and weight loss programs that have helped them along the way.
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You don’t have to head to the nearest store to purchase a workout DVD of your favorite celeb, athlete, or personal trainer. Now, you can watch many of them for free on platforms like YouTube. You can find personal trainers to the stars in workout videos you can try at home. Try anything from yoga and Zumba to weight training and kickboxing. They’ll show you how to get in shape just like they train many of their clients and best of all… it’s free of charge. You can mix and match your workout routines each day to get the ultimate fit body you’ve always dreamed of.

If looking like a million bucks is your goal then following some of the most influential celebs, athletes, and trainers online is a great place to start. On sites like Instagram and YouTube, you can find a ton of inspiration. From workout videos and before and after shots to recommendations on some of today’s trendiest weight loss and health products and services, you’ll find your favorite celebs online giving out all the goods. Be sure to download these apps with your other fitness applications for a boost in confidence like you’ve never experienced before.