Sometimes the best creations come from simply fusing what we know. This goes a long way in the culinary world. The most delectable duos are born from pairing up existent recipes and inventing a whole new dish. Check out these 8 insanely delicious food mashups. If you’re feeling adventurous, try them out in your own kitchen.

Top Food Mashups

1. Bacon-Egg Breakfast Bites

A hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, and baked breakfast rolls is an undeniable favorite. What if there was a way to combine them so all of the above could be tasted in each bite? The genius who created bacon-egg breakfast bites deserves a standing ovation. With either homemade dough or ready bake Pillsbury dough, roll out strips and place a piece of bacon on top. Next, layer on a hash brown tot, roll everything up, pinch the dough together, and place it in a muffin tin. Beat eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper and spoon the egg mixture into the middle of each dough-wrapped bacon potato bite. Pop ‘em in the oven until the eggs are cooked, and enjoy!

2. Chocotaco

This sensational treat, perfect for a summer day, transforms our favorite Mexican dish into dessert. Fill a waffle cone-like taco shell with vanilla ice-cream, fudge, peanuts, and a milk chocolate coating. Just like that, the Chocotaco creates a sweet twist to the traditional lunch or dinner taco.

3. BBQ Sundaes

A BBQ sundae, though it may sound questionable, is a perfect combination of all of our barbecue favorites. There are variations of this dish, but generally, a BBQ sundae consists of a layer of beans, coleslaw, and pulled pork, and then topped with scoops of mashed potatoes to give off the appearance of ice cream. You can’t get much more American than a BBQ sundae.

Millennial Magazine - Ramen-Burger-body- food mashups

4. Ramen Burger

Keizo Shimamoto, the inventor of the Ramen Burger, changed the game with this mouthwatering duo. Instead of throwing a burger into a regular bun, he created a secret oriental sauce to slather onto ramen noodles to make Ramen buns. The Ramen noodle patties are fried in order to stick together, and topped with scallions. Throw a burger inside the fried noodle buns and you’ve got a tasty fusion dish of Oriental and American foods.

5. Crunchwich

If you’re a sandwich lover, this is about to rock your world. Instead of eating your sandwich with a bag of chips on the side, pile them on in. Layering the inside of your sandwich with potato chips gives your sandwich a salty, crunchy kick. For those watching the figure, choose a healthier chip brand like Baked Lay’s.

Millennial Magazine - Pizzadillas-plate- food mashups

6. Pizzadillas

Pizza and quesadillas are some of the cheesiest, belly-satisfying foods out there, so why not combine the two? It’s simple. Create a regular quesadilla, but fill the two tortillas with pizza sauce and cheese. Then, place your part-pizza part-quesadilla in a skillet. The creation isn’t complete yet. Now, in the skillet, make another pizza on top as if the quesadilla is the pizza crust. This part is up to personal preference. Throw on some pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, whatever you like. Cook it until the cheese around the edges of the quesadilla slightly browns, and voila! Indulge in your Pizzadilla.

7. Slutty Brownies

Why settle for regular brownies when you can make a slutty ones? A Slutty Brownie consists of layers of cookie dough, Oreos, and then a decadent brownie layer. Although the Oreo is crunchy, it soaks up moisture from the brownie batter and creates a delicious, succulent treat. Rest assured that you can sleep at night from now on knowing you’ll never have to pick between cookie dough, Oreos, or a brownie for dessert again.

Millennial Magazine - chicken-waffles- food mashups

8. Chicken & Waffles

The sound of combining chicken and waffles may make you cringe at first, but the flavor pairing makes sense. Sweet and salty. Soft and crunchy. The origin of the chicken and waffles craze are unknown, but there are several theories. A common theory is that chicken and waffles entered American cuisine because fried chicken was a common breakfast meal in the Civil War era and, typically, a bread was baked to accompany breakfast. Now, you can even find the dynamic duo as a Lay’s chips flavor.

These are only some of the tastiest food mashups out there. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a scrumptious dinner, dessert, or snack, there’s always a way to fuse your favorite foods to create something new and delicious. No matter how unhealthy the concoctions become, let yourself indulge once in awhile. These creative food combinations are worth every single calorie.