Anyone can throw a party but planning a big party takes a lot of organization. If you’re doing something on a large scale, it requires more of everything. More time to plan, more attention to detail, and more finances. Don’t be ashamed if you feel overwhelmed by what you’ve taken on. All hope is not lost. Follow these ideas to make your event the biggest and best it can be.

Pick An Appropriate venue

Have a clear idea of the number of people you expect. Make an exact number of invitations and stick to that number. The minute you add one other person, you’ll come up with five more you also want to fit in. When your number is set, you can then consider the perfect venue. If you plan to cater to 100 people, there is no need to book a space that can hold 500. Size is important not just because of cost but also because of the ambiance. You want to beautifully decorate the space so that every guest is encircled by visual majesty. If you extend yourself too thin, the decor will suffer and won’t be as spectacular.

A closer knit space further allows for a more unified and intimate setting. Persons tend to gravitate and congregate in little groups. This way, everyone can stay closer together and interactions and conversations can blossom with persons you may not have known before.


It is impossible to plan a large gathering without some form of sitting space and arrangement. The most convenient sort of seats for outdoor and even indoor celebrations are folding chairs. Now, you might think, no way. They’re hard, uncomfortable, and look awful. But just a minute, not all folding chairs share those same characteristics. The Gladiator chair hire, also called a white folding chair hire is exactly what you need. It is lightweight, easily foldable, easily moveable. The seating is padded and causes no static when in contact with fabric. The smooth white finish gives a classic appeal suitable for any party.

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If this for some reason does not fit your needs, try the Chanel chair hire, Tiffany chair hire, bar stools, and even kiddy chairs. Choose to have the chairs picked up or delivered to you. The process is simple.


People love to eat. This is no secret or surprise. There are a lot of cuisines that tempt the eyes, nose and make the mouth water. Set an expectation of what kind of food will be available at your party. If you don’t, there may be confusion. Some people will arrive expecting oysters and champagne and be sorely disappointed to see pizza, tacos, and soda. So this is a good little detail to include in your invitations. There is zero reason to blow your budget on the most expensive foods. If you can afford to and want to, then go right ahead but if you can’t, don’t ever feel pressured to impress anyone.

You should also ask the guests-to-be if they have any allergies or specific eating restrictions. Catering for meat-eaters and forgetting your vegetarian friends will reflect poorly on your preparation. For persons with gluten intolerance, shellfish, peanut allergies, and the likes, special consideration should be taken. An inclusive spread that doesn’t break the bank is the goal.

Be Your Own DJ

You most likely do this on the regular anyway, The only difference being you DJ to yourself, not hundreds of people. Save your coins and play your own tunes. You can use your pc, phone, or tablet connected to Bluetooth speakers placed strategically around the venue to spew incredible music from one end to the next. Adjust the controls for concert hall effects or amplify the bass. You know your friends and what music is popular among them.

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Alternatively, you may want to stick with a particular theme. It’s all in your hands. Pandora and other such apps can greatly assist so you don’t have to manually create a playlist. DJing has never been easier.

A planning a big party can be a big headache if executed poorly. Budget from the first detail to the last. Always work and plan within your means. Once the venue is set, organize your seating arrangement. You want your guests comfortable. Foldable chairs work great especially if you intend to transform a dining area into the dance floor. Settle on an inclusive menu and save time and money by using relevant music apps to be your DJ. Be sure to capture the moments of fun with lots of pictures and videos.