What is the one thing people regret about their college career? Many will say they wish they had traveled during their time in school. With about 20 million students enrolled in college, these students spend their year being tied down to their campuses, their busy schedules and their heavy class loads. They crave a much-needed change in their day-to-day lives and a trip somewhere new is the perfect cure! The opportunity to study abroad presents students with a way to continue their education while simultaneously gaining cultural experiences.

Whether it’s traveling during a study abroad program or going on a well-deserved vacation, Europe is the perfect place to explore a number of different countries in a short period of time. From the canals of Venice, to the shops of Paris, Europe is a one-stop- shop for all things vacation.

Below are a few reasons to travel, as told by returning students:

  • “Studying abroad is a historical experience like no other! Europe has buildings that date back to 2000 years ago, it was like walking amongst living history.” — Ashley D., Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey
  • “Experiencing a culture shock is good for you! Europe has over 50 countries each with its own art, music, and traditions, meaning there is never a dull moment. You can set out in the morning and at every turn come across a new experience you couldn’t find in the states.”– Charles F., University of Central Florida
  • “Europe is borderless… You can easily get around by taking a train, a bus, driving, or flying without having to be stopped to check your passport (but you can if you’re collecting those stamps). There are few things I have experienced that were more beneficial to me than studying abroad.” — Annie A., University of Iowa
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How to Afford to Travel Abroad

Most college students are on a pretty tight budget so while the desire to travel might be there, their bank account might be an initial deterrent. Thankfully, many travel apps are there to help alleviate one of the largest financial burdens, travel. They let users to search and book transport options around the continent, whether the most important factor is speed, price, or timings.

Study abroad advisors can also be very helpful when looking to book a trip. They will make sure that you are taking the right classes over-seas so that you don’t need to add another semester to your college career. They can also tell you about some program options that you may not already know about, such as programs through another university or a third-party organization. Regardless of the type of program you are looking to pursue, study abroad advisors are a great resource to make sure that you find the perfect trip for you.

With the help of travel apps and study abroad programs, students can expand their cultural experiences and knowledge further. Instead of being tethered to one location, much like being on a college campus, students are afforded the freedom to roam not just one country but an entire continent. This opens a whole new world of opportunities both literally and metaphorically.