Minimalist Producer Moma Integrates Electric Bass for MUTEK 2017

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Moma is an instrumental electronic music project integrating elements of hip-hop, downtempo, jazz and elements form diverse cultures. His hearty tonkinoise of wonky instrumental hip hop and breezy abstract chillbient music is sprinkled with exotic ingredients, offering his audiences unique sonic interpretations. 

MiLLENNiAL caught up with the native Montrealer to learn about his upcoming performance at MUTEK.

What is signature about your music?

It’s always quite minimalist. Without even thinking about it, I alway try to do more with less.

What is your relationship to Montreal? (i.e. do you live here, have you moved here, did you used to live here)

I grew up in in small town called St-Lazare located approximatively one hour west of Montreal so when I was younger, Montreal for me was the big city where cultural activities where overactive. I moved there four years ago and I think I’ll stay here for a long time. The wide cultural diversity cohabiting in the city is very inspiring. Today, I would say that Montreal is home to me.

Name your three favorite sounds.

Hand-snaps, vinyl crackles and Chet Baker’s voice. (Not in order)

Which genre of electronic music do you most identify with and how do you see it changing over the next few years?

I always thought it was hard to label my own music but I would say it’s mostly “minimalist” and “instrumental hip-hip”.  About the instrumental hip-hop thing, I think it will overcome rap to become more and more an independent genre.

What excites you about performing at MUTEK and what can we expect from your set?

I’m very excited about playing at L’esplanade de la Place des Arts. It’s a consecration for a Montrealer to perform there. For my set you should expect getting a chill afternoon groovy vibe while I go back and forth between my lap-top and my electric bass.

To learn more about Moma or catch his set at MUTEK, be sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

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