You’ve heard and said “I can’t afford it” so many times, but there are many ways to see the world affordably and actually enjoy yourself even more than if you were spending a lot of money.

Here are our top tips to see the world without feeling like you are going to need to take a loan when you get back:

  1. Instead of taking a bus tour or a train, try hiking, biking or taking a barge, boat or ferry to get you from place to place. Try a bike tour in England, France or Spain. You can start in the UK, have your car or bicycle or motor bike carried on the ferry and spend a couple of days cruising the Atlantic before your tour of Spain or Portugal – how about a 5-day Bed and Breakfast tour of the incredibly Basque country?
  1. Live like the locals – Brittany Ferries started out as a way to get farm goods across the English Channel – now it takes tourists – check out their economy rates, the complimentary cabins, vouchers and 30% off for joining Club Voyage. A ferry trip spares you the noise and confusion of train travel, and you actually have the time to interact with other people and meet locals, while basking in the sun on the deck.
  1. Travel with a group and shop in local grocery stores, take some of your food on board a cruise or ferry. It’s hard not to meet and talk with people from all over Europe – when you are relaxing on a cruise. Try breakfast or lunch on the boat, or wait for your arrival in France when you can step into a French Cafe for a baguette and cafe au lait.
  1. Rent a quaint cabin or cottage in France, Spain or the UK. This keeps you in the local community, shopping at local stores and checking out and being part of local events – parades, dancing, pub life or just shopping and conversations.
  1. Learn the language from locals – go to a cafe or pub with a local and exchange 1 hour of French practice for 1 hour of English practice, or try this in Spain where it is a common way for the locals to practice their English. Bring your notebook for useful French and Spanish phrases and your list of must-visit cafes, restaurants and sights.
  1. Drive wherever you want in the UK and then hop over to France by ferry – this will keep you out of busy, crowded, noisy railroad stations. Websites like offer great deals and vouchers on rental cars to make car travel more cost effective.
  1. Bring your family, kids, friends and see the country and the ocean, not just the city. Save on car and motorcycle tours. Avoid the hassle of trains and buses. Travelling with friends rather than traveling on your own can be a great way to share expenses.
  1. Find your way to out-of-the-way places and exciting attractions with a trip planner – showing car and bike routes all over Spain, France and England and finding cool things to do by clicking on “Explore.”
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