The Complexities Of Being In An Uber Car Accident

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Uber is such a convenient way to travel; you can press a button and have a ride arrive within minutes. This means you’ll spend less time waiting for a ride if you ever need one after an accident. Unfortunately, being involved in an Uber car accident can happen, and it’s important to know what to do if a driver hits your car or if someone gets injured while riding in an Uber vehicle.

What are the Steps You Take After an Uber Accident?

Check if Everyone in the Vehicle is Okay

The first thing you should do after an Uber accident is to make sure everyone in your car is okay. This includes the driver, the passengers, and any pedestrians that could have been involved in the collision. If anyone suffered any serious injuries, then you can already expect that you’ll call for medical services.

Check for Any Injury You Might Have Sustained

The next step would be to also check if you have sustained any injury. You don’t want any injuries to go untreated after an accident, especially injuries that may appear to be minor, but then go on to develop into major injuries that could alter your lifestyle, and hinder your ability to work and earn a living in the future. If you are feeling unusual, dizzy, or anything out of the ordinary, see that you get the medical care necessary. In fact, after an accident, it is advisable to go for a checkup.

Get to a Safe Area and Gather Information on the Scene

The important thing after exiting the car is gathering information regarding the accident. This is important if you are looking to pursue a claim. Some of the information you should try to document are the Uber driver’s name, names of other passengers, the license and plate numbers, location of the accident, statements and information of other witnesses, the model, and other features of both cars. It is important, if you can, to take pictures of the scene and any damages that have been done by either party.

Call 911 to the Scene

In the event of an accident that involves personal injury, you’ll need to inform the law enforcement authorities about the incident. That may mean calling 911 and waiting for the authorities to arrive on the scene. Informing the Los Angeles police department will help to ensure that necessary investigation is conducted on the incident, while safety precautions are being taken. Also, in the event of trying to stake your claim with insurance providers, or other involved parties, the filed police report will help you.

Talk to Your Lawyer

When the time comes that you do need to contact an attorney, it will be important to make sure you make this choice carefully, as this will greatly impact the future of legal proceedings for your case. You want a Los Angeles uber accident lawyer who is fully committed to saving your rights both personally and financially. Additionally, the process of a personal injury claim can be complicated, stressful, and emotionally draining. Sometimes you may want to give up. That is why having a professional who has been there, and done it repeatedly, will come in handy. A good personal injury lawyer will practically hold your hands through it all.

Don’t Accept Offers or Negotiate Before You Speak With a Lawyer

Since there could be several people involved, Uber incidents may be difficult. The Uber driver, as well as other negligent 3rd parties and insurance providers, are all involved. They’ll all want to point the finger in the same direction. If an Uber driver is found to be at fault, the extent of their responsibility will be determined by how (and if) they were using the Uber app at the time of the accident. Simply put, reaching an agreement may be challenging.

Allowing an experienced attorney to manage all negotiations with other parties and insurance providers is the best option. This will assist you in protecting yourself and preventing insurance providers from undervaluing your claim. A skilled personal injury lawyer will fight to maximize your payout and keep those responsible for your injuries accountable.

Make a Report on the Uber Application 

The next step after an Uber accident involving one of their driver-partner, you should report the incident on the respective ride-hailing application. With a few taps on your smartphone, it’s easy to file a claim with Uber, or you can make a verbal complaint on the phone with Uber. Once you’ve completed the process of reporting your accident, you should receive communication from the providers about taking the next steps. 

On a case-by-case basis, Uber’s insurance policy can be complicated and dependable. In most cases, the company’s $1 million insurance policy can cover all losses in an Uber accident. Their coverage limits, however, differ by territory. If the crash occurred in the middle of your trip, regardless of whether your Uber driver was at fault or not, their insurance policy would compensate you for damages.

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