As we celebrate Earth Day this year, it’s important to recognize the incredible efforts of green hotels across California that are setting new sustainability standards in the hospitality industry. From San Francisco to Laguna Beach, these luxurious hotels prioritize environmental conservation and offer mindful travelers a chance to experience the natural beauty of the state while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Millennial Magazine - 1 Hotel SF

© 1 Hotel San Francisco

1 Hotel San Francisco

Discover eco-friendly luxury in the heart of San Francisco at 1 Hotel San Francisco! This mission-driven property celebrates the city’s natural environment with biophilic design featuring locally sourced and repurposed materials for an urban oasis. Reclaimed redwood lumber from the Old San Francisco Bay Bridge, recycled rubber, and live native greenery adorn this hotel to reduce waste, minimize carbon emissions, and encourage exposure to nature’s calming capacities.

A signature farm-to-table culinary experience utilizing fresh organic ingredients grown onsite or from nearby farmer’s markets, and each guest room is outfitted to include 100% sustainably sourced linens. low-flow fixtures, intentional shower timers to help bring awareness to wasted water and in-room cups made from recycled wine bottles.

In addition the integral design features, the hotel has also partnered with Farmscape to develop the on-site herb garden which supports the property’s zero-waste cocktail program, Audi for its all-electric Audi e-tron house cars, and Best Bees for the creation of the hotel’s on-site apiary with pollinator planters and bee boxes.

Millennial Magazine - Alila Ventana

© Alila Ventana Big Sur

Alila Ventana Big Sur

Moving down to the Central Coast, Alila Ventana Big Sur is an iconic resort overlooking the stunning Pacific Ocean. As a leader in eco-friendly practices, the property has dedicated itself to maintaining green initiatives such as using wastewater for geo-flow drip systems, an extensive recycling program and a seafood watch program with Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The landscaping largely consists of native plants that are drought tolerant, while plant waste onsite is chipped and mulched back into nature. Reclaimed wood makes up more than half of all furniture at the resort too, sourced from the nearby area.

Millennial Magazine - Bardessono Hotel & Spa

© Bardessono Hotel & Spa


Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Bardessono Hotel & Spa melds together luxury and conscious living that respects local artisans, chefs, and wine makers. Embodying “deep green” hospitality with a subtle aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, Bardessono follows their family farmstead’s approach to provide guests with an appreciation for mindful living.

Guests have a renewed curiosity and sense of purpose from this experience of true luxury. Dedicated to environmental conservation, the resort stays true to their core beliefs and have implemented advanced technologies such as an underground geothermal system for guest rooms, the spa, and domestic hot water supply.

Additionally, 940 onsite solar panels generate a great percentage of their electrical demand and salvaged wood is used extensively in the property’s doors, desks, tables and flooring. All of this results in nearly zero percent offsite energy being used.

Millennial Magazine - The Ranch Laguna Beach

© The Ranch Laguna Beach

The Ranch

Finally, in Southern California, located at the heart of Aliso and Wood Canyons in Laguna Beach, The Ranch is a luxurious lifestyle hotel with a beach cottage atmosphere that replicates the authenticity of the town. As an environmentally aware resort, they are dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly solutions such as their ½ acre Harvest Garden, which provides fresh produce to the hotel restaurant.

The Ranch also works to reduce transportation-based produce deliveries and give guests the opportunity to add a ‘tree fee’ to their room charge, should they wish to contribute a freshly planted tree to the property.

These eco-friendly hotels across California are setting new sustainability standards in the hospitality industry and are perfect for mindful and eco-conscious travelers who want to experience the natural beauty of the state while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day by supporting these hotels and encouraging more businesses to prioritize environmental conservation!