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Meet the Condos Brothers, the newest designers to make waves in the furniture industry. With their uniquely designed luxury furniture brand, a new era of beautiful elegance has arrived for outdoor living spaces. Harbour Furniture has quickly become a global sensation for its coastal flare and durable pieces that blend effortlessly into any environment.

Founded by Australian natives, Harrison & Nicholas Condos, Harbour Furniture’s collections are built to withstand a variety of climates using materials like teak, marble, powder-coated aluminum, and mildew-resistant fabrics.

Millennial Magazine was invited to join the Condos Bros at their latest photoshoot in the hills of West Malibu, CA, where we had the pleasure of seeing the magic in action.

Passion for Design and Architecture

The Condos family is no stranger to handmade furniture. Since 1976, Jim Condos, Harrison and Nicholas’s father, has been crafting furniture from his Sydney workshop where he taught his sons the importance of detail and quality in creating durable furniture from an early age.

“Our father taught us everything we know in the art of metal craftsmanship and construction of furniture, and it was through our upbringing that we developed a real passion for design and architecture that inspired us to endeavor into creating Harbour,” Harrison, the eldest of the two brothers, explains.

Harbour’s aesthetic is timeless, taking inspiration from the rugged coastline of Sydney, and expanding upon Tecno Furniture, their father’s indoor brand.

Millennial Magazibe - Nicholas Condos and the Harbour Collins Collection

© Nicholas Condos reveals Harbour’s new Collins Collection

A Look at Harbour’s Roots

In 2007, Harrison, was working in New York, feeling burnt out as a property developer, when an impromptu chat with a local furniture distributor sparked an opportunity to bring his Australian family business to the States.

Nicholas, at that time, was working in his father’s factory, designing what would soon become the foundation of a new custom brand, when he received a fateful call from his brother and the distributor.

“They said, come up with a couple of cohesive collections as a brand, and we will do ICFF, which is a trade show in New York, and will launch the brand there,” Nicholas recalls. He got to work designing four collections, and in 2010, successfully launched the brand from the showroom floor. The rest is history. Launching the brand during the peak of the 2008 recession, Nicholas says, “if you can make it then you can do okay.”

Harbour Furniture has gained a well-deserved reputation for its unparalleled artistry, inventive designs, and uniquely Australian cultural inspirations. It has made a prominent mark in the outdoor furniture industry by providing upscale furnishings that merge opulence and practicality to offer unparalleled comfort and elegance.

Millennial Magazine - Harbour Tulum Collection

© Harbour’s Tulum Collection

When Harrison and Nicholas founded the company, they sought to introduce a new concept to the market, and their innovative strategy of blending diverse high-quality materials has propelled Harbour’s brand to new heights, outshining other industry players in the process.

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Nicholas explains their evolution as an international supplier, “We originally manufactured in Australia, but moved our operations to Asia to be competitive with prices and to be able to ship around the world. Shipping from Australia is not ideal, it’s far away, and the cost of labor is very high.”

The move overseas presented its own challenges, including finding a factory that could produce high-quality products. “Probably the biggest challenge we faced was getting quality correct,” Nicholas says.

The brothers eventually decided to invest in their own facility, which has allowed them to control the supply chain and ensure the quality of their products. He continues, “We now own the factory in Asia. Before, we were outsourcing. It was super hard to control everything, so we just decided to invest, run and operate our own facility there.”

Harrison & Nicholas Condos Unique Approach to Manufacturing

The recent 2020 pandemic has had an impact on the furniture industry, with shipping costs and material prices skyrocketing. However, Harbour’s control over its supply chain has allowed it to weather the storm. “We were stocked up during Covid. And we have multiple warehouses. That’s probably why we’re doing so well because we controlled the supply chain,” Nicholas says.

Harrison elaborates on their problems, “It was, and has been, a really tough slog but we’ve seen some amazing growth in the last few years. The kinks are starting to smooth out but the US market is really challenging with all the different state laws.”

Harbour Furniture uniquely keeps all design and manufacturing in house, enabling a deep attention to detail and craftsmanship unparalleled by many competitors. This approach gives them an advantage in accelerating the timeline for bringing new designs, trends, innovative materials, and fabrics to market, putting Harbour at the true cutting edge of innovative luxury design.

Moreover, the brand owns and partners with specialist factories around the world, which provide multi-category product offerings, custom design and manufacturing capabilities, a global supply chain and logistics team, and the scope to scale any project – no matter how large or small.

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As Harrison & Nicholas Condos continue to unveil their latest ventures and expand their product offerings, Nicholas emphasizes that Harbour’s success hinges on its ability to combine a diverse range of materials, something not many of their competitors can achieve.

Millennial Magazine - Harrison Condos and the Harbour Maui Collection

© Harrison Condos reveals Harbour’s new Maui Collection

Meanwhile, Harrison recalls the company’s rapid growth and expansion, including its partnership with Martyn Lawrence Bullard and the launch of several new collections, each carrying the mark of its inspiration – Maui, Tulum, Cordoba, Kos, Ithaca, and Santorini.

The brand draws inspiration from all around the world, with Nicholas traveling often to seek out new ideas. He takes pictures of the furniture he finds, and then brings them back to his factory, where they can make custom pieces based on those designs.

I travel a lot and draw inspiration from all the beaches and hotels. A lot from the Australian beaches. And every summer, I go to Europe for at least a month. So traveling to different cool hotels and Greek Islands is often a catalyst.” By offering such a unique range of materials and designs, Harbour is able to create sophisticated outdoor furniture that fits any style or budget. Nicholas continues, “We can customize any piece to fit a customer’s needs”.

Harbour primarily sells its products to design professionals and also offers its own installation services. “We try to differentiate ourselves with the design and the quality and the delivery, and that’s how we’ve been successful so far,” Nicholas says. With its unique mix of materials and focus on luxury, Harbour is poised to continue its success in the outdoor furniture market.

Nicholas continues,Our audience are designers, or those who have big houses. We mainly focus on the coast because we’re outdoor driven. But we still sell a lot of products in Texas and all over the US, but the coasts are more of our market.”

Love For The Outdoors

Harbour’s signature aesthetic is fresh, light, modern, coastal and luxe-inspired – an evolution of generations of Australian design. “From finding design inspiration to naming our collections, it all comes back to where we grew up. Even our name is a nod to that too, inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge,” says Harrison.

They are steeped in a culture that promotes the Australian way of life: their love of the outdoors, travel, nature, modern design, and life on the harbor, all expressed through each and every collection.

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Harbour Furniture strives to marry indoor comfort with outdoor durability in a way that’s unique in the marketplace. The experiences they share outdoors – and the people with whom they share them – make life memorable.

The brand believes a vibrant relationship and healthy balance with our surroundings is essential. Harrison & Nicholas Condos are committed to producing flawless products to compliment these special moments without compromising their environment or their ethical responsibility.

Their products, practices, and principles uphold the ideal of sustainability. Their best-selling collection Pacific – and several of their collections – feature grade-A Indonesian plantation teak that speaks to the heart of organic living.

Millennial Magazine - Harbour Milan Collection

© Harbour’s Milan Collection

The Life of An Entrepreneur

While both brothers live and breathe their company, Nicholas describes his work-life integration as being centered around his love of travel. He takes breaks from work to go skiing or to the beaches of Mexico, which keeps his mind fresh for new product ideas.

When asked about expansion, Nicholas tells us they are slowly growing their footprint and retail presence. They are soon to open a store in Houston and recently purchased an 11,000 sq ft plot in Miami’s Design District, which he describes as “the coolest new store that we are building.”

Nicholas attributes Harbour’s success to being cautious and not taking big risks. He advises others to choose their manufacturing partners wisely, as that part of the business can be difficult.

Harbour has offices in Hong Kong, southern China, northern China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, where their own staff oversees the manufacturing process. Overall, Harbour’s story is one of slow and steady growth, with a focus on quality and caution in business decisions. As Nicholas says, “It’s not an easy business to be in, but I love it.”

In the end, Harbour’s approach to manufacturing, love for the outdoors, and commitment to sustainability are what truly set them apart from their competitors. With their deep sense of culture derived from the harsh Australian climate, Harbour has become a go-to brand for designers and homeowners looking for luxury indoor and outdoor furniture that will last for years to come.

Their attention to detail and craftsmanship, combined with their ability to bring innovative designs and materials to the market, make them a true leader in the luxe-furniture space.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy lounge set, a chic dining table, or a statement piece for your outdoor space, Harbour has you covered.

To learn more about Nicholas and Harrison Condos and Harbour Outdoor, visit their website and follow them at their social accounts below.




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