What stewed in the kitchen in the hands of a young woman grew into a movement that has now sold meals in the millions. Laureen Asseo is the CEO of Nutrition Corp, a healthy meal delivery service, specializing in all-organic dishes without preservatives, additives, dairy, gluten, GMOs, hormones, added sugar or soy. She is now amplifying nutrition education and accessibility throughout the country, and is amplifying nutrition education and accessibility with her production and culinary team.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with Laureen to learn what motivated her to want to join the healthy eating revolution.

1. When did you launch Nutrition Corp and what is your main mission?

I started Nutrition Corp in 2010 – after my dad went to a routine check up and his blood test results were alarming. I started him on a very strict meal regiment and the results were instant. It did not take long for people to notice and start asking how they could get on the plan themselves. I started preparing the meals in my apartment and delivering to peoples homes using Tupperware containers.

Our main mission is to provide healthy, convenient, affordable meals to everyone. America has really fallen off the health band wagon and as a result heart disease, diabetes and obesity (to name a few) are bigger than ever. With today’s technology, Americans are becoming more educated about what they eat, and big food companies are forced to become more transparent about the ingredients they are using. We are offering a healthier and more mainstream alternative.

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2. How were you able to go from feeding neighbors to feeding millions of people across the US? Did you raise capital in order to make that happen?

Well – it has taken a lot of hard work! We have outgrown four kitchen facilities and are currently outgrowing our 5th. It has been a very surreal and humbling experience seeing the business take off. I have built a really great team that has been an essential part of making the growth happen. My brother came on board in 2013 and has really been an asset in our success. As of today, no outside capital has been raised.

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3. An entrepreneur is always “on” and that means often not having the proper time to focus on health (diet + exercise). How do you overcome this challenge?

I actually struggle with this on a daily basis. When you are constantly on the go and working crazy hours you forget about taking a step back for yourself. With that being said, we really underestimate the strength of the human body. I am very lucky that I am able to eat clean and stay healthy with the help of our meals. I do really think it is important to realize you are only as good as your mind and body.

4. What are some tips for your entrepreneurial peers to reclaim their health?

Diet is key! When you feed your body the proper nutrition you feel better, your mind is sharp and you are more on top of your game. There is nothing worse than feeling sluggish after a fast unhealthy meal when you are trying to tackle what the business world throws at you on a daily basis!

5. Explain the differences and complimentary aspects of Nutrition Corp. and your nonprofit Feeding Friends?

Nutrition Corp (Fresh N Lean and IONutrition) and Feeding Friends go hand in hand. The mission of Feeding Friends is to provide an opportunity for those in a challenging financial situation to attain wholesome nutrition through subsidizing meal plans, donations and education. Being able to subsidize Fresh N Lean and IONutrition meal plans (Nutrition Corp’s in-house meal service brands) for people has always been the goal – the unfortunate truth is the majority of people who need to get healthy cannot afford it. To date, we have donated tens of thousands of meals to local shelters and organizations.

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