Creating The Perfect Meditation Garden For Your Home

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Meditation can be done anywhere and at any time, or so they say. In today’s society filled with distractions, we have to displace ourselves from our ordinary surroundings to achieve the flow state more easily. Setting up your very own meditation garden is perfect for that purpose. It will be a separated space with an intended purpose and yet it will be conveniently close by.

Browse the internet to find inspiration and decide on your needs and likes so as to know what to strive for. In that way, you will know whether your garden will be a traditional representation of a particular culture or your own interpretation.

So as to make the process of creating your own meditation heaven as easy as possible, we have set out some useful tips for you.

Get Inspired

Meditation is practiced throughout the world and different cultures have numerous approaches on how to organize a meditation garden. You might find what you need in the traditions of the Fareast, like Japan or China, or perhaps in the less known practices of the Middle East. Then again, you might opt for a more modern approach, such as the ones found in Britain, North America or even Australia. Each movement is characterized by the use of native trees and plants which make them unique.

Millennial Magazine- meditation garden

The most popular example of meditation garden is probably the Zen garden, which is also known as Japanese rock garden. Sand and gravel accompanied by pruned trees and water features are typical for such a garden. If this sounds like your place of tranquillity then is it the one for you, but each of the mentioned styles has something to offer.

Contemporary gardens, on the other hand, use particular features of different cultures they enjoy and create a completely new bland of sensations. These and many more creative solutions you can find online.

Make It Suit Its Purpose

As your meditation garden will be your personal recluse place, you can design it in any way you want to. There is no right or wrong approach but there are a few tips you ought to consider.

The key elements are still the same, relatively enclosed space which is simultaneously open and airy. Noise is not welcome but more natural sounds, like those of birds and wind are.

To inspire your sense of smell you can plant some scented flowers but don’t overburden the air with smells which cannot work harmoniously. Your mind needs to wander freely and not be distracted by an unusual and too pronounced combination of scents.

Meditation can come in different forms, as the object of achieving a state where one’s mind is mentally clear and emotionally calm. This can be reached in various ways. Some prefer to sit quietly and peacefully and allow their thoughts to wander towards that state while other achieve it through yoga, reciting a mantra or even gardening.

Yoga will require quiet just like the other forms, but it will require more space as well. Keep the space open so you can do your exercises without restraint. Some focal features could be great, like sculptures and water features. The same space can work well for mantra reciting as well.

If you want to enjoy meditation through gardening, organize the space and choose your plants. Depending on what you prefer, you can grow flowers, vegetables, fruit, and spices. Just grab your gardening gloves and start meditating. Your plants will need regular attention and by nurturing them, you will feel more in one with the world around you.

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The Key Features

Always section out the part used for meditation as you probably will use your garden for other things also. If there is already a porch or arch use it as a focal point, but it can even be a bare patch of grass with the best view.

Hideaway your garden from the surrounding noise and set up your own secret garden. Use repurposed wooden panels or grow hedges to get the desired effect without the feeling of entrapment. You can even put up taller pot plants to get the desired effect. It all depends on your preferences and, of course, your budget.

You should add a small pond or a source of water that will get you even closer to nature, but don’t overdo it. Also, a few statues and pots may add to the ambient.

A Meditation Garden Will Promote Better Health

Design your meditation spot in your own garden. By clearing out space and separating it from the rest of your home, you can create your own heaven. Depending on your personal preference you should tailor your garden to suit your individual way of practicing meditation. Without the outside noise and disturbances, your meditation time will bring you even more joy.

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Written by Ronald Wolf

Ronald Wolf is a digital marketing freelancer, Australian outdoor boy and a strong believer in digital nomading and all of its benefits, but also is aware of the hardships and troubles you might find.

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