Craft of the Week: Handmade Ornaments


Craft of the Week: Handmade Ornaments

Making homemade ornaments from oranges and whole cloves is a favorite holiday tradition for many Millennials .

A simple craft that can be made by all ages, these all-natural, fragrant holiday adornments require an orange, lots of dried cloves, and about a yard of ribbon. Place the cloves into the unpeeled orange in any pattern, tie the ribbon around the orange, then hang it in a location for all to see. That’s it! These handmade ornaments are easy to make and smell amazing when they are finished


Amelia Ingraham

Amelia Ingraham is a photographer based out of Connecticut. She graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography at the top of her class, and is currently working as a freelance photographer. She has always been highly creative, which influences her conceptual and editorial style.

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