If there is a good time to move home, it isn’t in the middle of a global pandemic. The risks and the costs are higher than normal, and you probably want to stay indoors anyway. However, sometimes the property market or your circumstances don’t align with the nature of the virus, and you just have to take the risk, hire a truck or a removals company, and get to work. If you’re moving home at this time, check out the list below for some good advice. 

Proceed with Caution 

You’ve probably noticed that everyone is taking extra precautions in the world. At the shops, people are wearing masks and using hand sanitizers, and lockdown restrictions mean people can’t always travel. You need to consider all of this when moving your home. If you find that it is possible, you need to make sure your homes are coronavirus-free. You can do this by hiring a deep cleaning service or a fogging service if you want some extra peace of mind.  

Manage Your Expectations 

Before the coronavirus, the best practice for selling your home and moving was to hire a real estate agent, get your home looking ideal and invite buyers round to view it. Additionally, you would go to view properties and make decisions on your future home. That has all changed. People are no longer allowed to view properties freely. Luckily, however, they can still be viewed remotely. Ask your real estate agent about these possibilities. A good real estate agent, such as Raleigh Realty, will have put processes in place to help prospective buyers find and buy a property with the minimum of disruption due to the pandemic. While the process will be a little more complicated than before, it’s certainly not impossible. 

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Ask Questions 

Before coronavirus, you would not think twice about moving your home to a new part of the country; you might simply hire commercial flatbed’s from Flex Fleet, and start moving your items yourself. Conversely, you might hire an interstate removals company. If you do hire a company, you need to ask them all the right questions to make sure they are abiding by protocol and taking the pandemic seriously. Check to make sure their workers are protected and have the right gear. 

Avoid Paperwork

If you have ever moved home in the past, you will know how much paperwork is involved. There are leases to sign, insurance documents, and real estate firms. But all of these carry the risk of transmitting the deadly coronavirus. Of course, you can protect yourself by wearing gloves and masks, but it’s far better to eliminate the possibility of contamination completely by opting for digital services. Do your research and organize your home move with companies that offer digital paperwork. 

Get Your Timing Right

The global pandemic is a serious obstacle to the efficiency and safety of your home move. What you don’t want is a situation where you can’t sell or buy the property for many weeks or months, and your household items have to go into storage. This is not only inconvenient for you, but it increases the chances of coronavirus infection. Get your timing right by organizing the move to your new home well in advance. As soon as your own property is sold, you can move everything quickly and without fuss. 

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